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23. Mai 2017

Brasilien: Der Putsch im Putsch, Temer am Ende?

23. Mai 2017

Unterstützung für Dschihadisten in Syrien, Überraschung über Anschläge im Westen

23. Mai 2017

Die illegalen Kriege der NATO Die Köpfe der mächtigsten Militärallianz aller Zeiten müssen vor Gericht gestellt werden. – By Jakob Reiman (

Der vorliegende Text wird darlegen, dass die Realität diesem Anspruch Lügen straft, und um eines vorwegzunehmen: keiner der NATO-Kriege hatte die Verteidigung eines Mitgliedsstaats zum Ziel, sämtliche Einsätze sind (mit gewissen Abstufungen) illegal, da völkerrechtswidrig.

Die NATO ist eine kriminelle Vereinigung.

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23. Mai 2017

New York Times „Comey Memos“ Turned out to Be Just Something Somebody Thought They Saw

Schmidt revealed this during an interview on MSNBC with Brian Williams —

when The Times reporter was asked about his sources.

“We’d been working — I’d been working on a story for the past few days about the fact that Comey had written these,” Schmidt said. “We thought that was pretty significant in and of (itself).”

“And then in the process of pushing on those doors this morning, I learned more about one of these memos. And someone who had seen them recounted details to me.

“We felt comfortable with those details,” he added.

23. Mai 2017

Revealed: Facebook’s internal rulebook on sex, terrorism and violence

Facebook’s secret rules and guidelines for deciding what its 2 billion users can post on the site are revealed for the first time in a Guardian investigation that will fuel the global debate about the role and ethics of the social media giant.

The Guardian has seen more than 100 internal training manuals, spreadsheets and flowcharts that give unprecedented insight into the blueprints Facebook has used to moderate issues such as violence, hate speech, terrorism, pornography, racism and self-harm.

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