Tausende von Botschaften der Freundschaft aus den USA an die Menschen in Russland – Thousands in U.S. send messages of friendship to the People of Russia (worldbeyondwar)


Menschen aus den USA haben im Rahmen einer erst kürzlich gestarteten Initiative allein bis heute am Sonntag, den 7.5. 2017, 7269 Botschaften der Freundschaft an die Menschen in Russland auf einer Seite der US-Friedensbewegung gepostet. Die Zahl der Unterzeichner steigt beständig.

Individuelle Nachrichten der Unterzeichner, die diese Aussage bestätigen, werden als Kommentare auf der Webseite hinzugefügt.

Text der Erklärung:

An die Menschen in Russland:

Wir als Bürger der Vereinigten Staaten wünschen Ihnen, unseren Brüder und Schwestern in Russland, nichts als alle Gute. Wir widersprechen den Feindseligkeiten und dem Militarismus unserer Regierung. Wir bevorzugen Abrüstung und friedliche Zusammenarbeit. Wir wünschen uns eine größere Freundschaft und kulturellen Austausch zwischen unseren Ländern. Sie sollten nicht alles glauben, was Sie von den us-amerikanischen Medienkooperationen hören. Diese sind keine wahren Repräsentanten der Menschen in den USA. Wir haben zwar keinen Einfluss auf diese Medien, aber wir sind sehr zahlreich. Wir widersprechen den Kriegen, den Sanktionen, den Drohungen und den Beleidigungen gegenüber Russland. Wir schicken Ihnen hiermit die Grüße der Solidarität, des Vertrauens, der Liebe und der Hoffnung für die Zusammenarbeit beim Aufbau einer besseren Welt. Einer Welt die sicher ist vor den Gefahren von Atomwaffen und Militär und sicher vor der Umweltzerstörung.

By David Swanson


As of this writing, 7,269 people in the United States, and rising steadily, have posted messages of friendship to the people of Russia. They can be read, and more can be added at RootsAction.org.

People’s individual messages are added as comments endorsing this statement:

To the people of Russia:

We residents of the United States wish you, our brothers and sisters in Russia, nothing but well. We oppose the hostility and militarism of our government. We favor disarmament and peaceful cooperation. We desire greater friendship and cultural exchange between us. You should not believe everything you hear from the American corporate media. It is not a true representation of Americans. While we do not control any major media outlets, we are numerous. We oppose wars, sanctions, threats, and insults. We send you greetings of solidarity, trust, love, and hope for collaboration on building a better world safe from the dangers of nuclear, military, and environmental destruction.


Here is a sampling, but I encourage you to go and read more:

Robert Wist, AZ: A world of friends is far better than a world of enemies. – I wish for us to be friends.

Arthur Daniels, FL: Americans and Russians = friends forever!

Peter Bergel, OR: After meeting many different kinds of Russians on my trip to your beautiful country last year, I am especially motivated to wish you well and to resist the efforts of my government to create enmity between our countries. Together our countries should lead the world toward peace, not further conflict.

Charles Schultz, UT: All of my friends and I have nothing but love, and the utmost respect, for the Russian people! We are not your enemies! We want to be your friends. We do not agree with our government, the members of congress, the president, any of the agencies of government that are constantly accusing Russia of every problem, not only here in the US, but also throughout the entire world!

James & Tamara Amon, PA: As someone that visits Russia (Borovichi, Koyegoscha and Saint Petersburg) every year, I can assure you that most Americans only want peace. I married a beautiful Russian lady, and can honestly say that I love Russia, her people, food, and life style. I trust the people of both USA and Russia, it is the politicians that I don’t trust.

Carol Howell, ME: As someone with acquaintances in Russia, and having much respect for your efforts to clean up and preserve the environment, I extend a hand in friendship.

Marvin Cohen, CA: Both of my grandfathers immigrated to the US from Russia–I wish you well.

Noah Levin, CA: Dear citizens of Russia, – I send you all my best wishes and friendship, hoping that you achieve a satisfying life in these difficult times.

Deborah Allen, MA: Dear Friends in Russia, I look forward to the day when we will hold hands circling the earth. We breathe the same air and enjoy the same sunshine. Love is the answer.

Ellen E Taylor, CA: Dear Russian People, – We love you and admire you! – We will do everything we can to control our imperialistic government policies…..

Amido Rapkin, CA: Having grown up in Germany and now living in the US – I am asking for forgiveness to any injustice done to your country by our countries.

Bonnie Mettler, CO: Hello Russian Friends! We would like to meet you and talk to you. I know that we both share the same desires — to live safe, happy, and healthy lives and leave the earth for all of our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Kenneth Martin, NM: I have extended family, love them very much. I have spent a lot of time in southwestern Siberia (Barnaul) to be close to them!

Maryellen Suits, MO: I have read Tolstoy and Chekov and Dostoyevsky. These authors have helped me to know you, and I send you love and hope. We Americans who oppose our new president could benefit from your love and hope as well.   – Fondly, – Maryellen Suits

Anne Koza, NV: I have visited Russia 7 times. I love Russia and its culture and history. I wish the Russian people “All the best.”

Elizabeth Murray, WA: I hope for the day that we can live together in peace without the shadow of nuclear war over our heads. I hope for the day that many billions currently being used to prepare for never-ending war will instead be used to prepare for never-ending peace.

Alexandra Soltow, St. Augustine, FL: The leadership of the US does not represent me or most of the people I know.

Anna Whiteside, Warren, VT: Just imagine a world without war where we can work together for bettering the world for all humankind.

Stephanie Willett-Shaw, Longmont, CO: The Russian people are a great people. Rock on!

Meghan Murphy, Shutesbury, MA: We are one global family. We can love our homeland but not always our governments.

Mark Chasan, Puducherry, NJ: Greetings from real American people who want mutual friendship, understanding, loving kindness, unity in diversity. We the people of the U.S. and Russia can build friendships, respect, new understandings and relationships that will bring us closer and lead to future peaceful and caring connections. It is a great way to lead our governments in the right direction.

Ricardo Flores, Azusa, CA: I always wish only the best for the Russian population, who I am sure feel misrepresented by some members of their governing power, just like many of us do, but the future of a peaceful Earth resides on our hands.

When I visit Russia this week I intend to bring a sampling of these messages of friendship. I will not claim that they represent a unanimous U.S. view, only that they represent an informed view and an under-reported view that contrasts with what Russians and the world hear directly and indirectly from U.S. corporate media all the time.


A first step out of the madness we’re caught up in — I mean after turning off all televisions — might be to stop speaking of governments in the first person. You are not the U.S. government. You did not destroy Iraq and throw Western Asia into turmoil, any more than the people of Crimea who voted overwhelmingly to re-join Russia are the government of Russia guilty of having “invaded” themselves. Let’s take responsibility for reforming governments. Let’s identify with people — all people — the people of the earth, the people all over the United States who are us, and the people all over Russia who are us as well. We cannot be made to hate ourselves. If we extend friendship to all, peace will be inevitable.

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