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2. April 2017

Breakthrough in technology giving the U.S. a first strike capability

Recently there have been news about a super fuse that would allow U.S. nuclear submarines to detonate their weapons over the silos where Russian ICBMs are located. Simultaneously in such a way that it, in effect, may have already given — this is in the last couple of weeks — I’m speaking of a report that came out through the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. It may have already given the United States a first strike capability, and this is very destabilizing.

How US nuclear force modernization is undermining strategic stability: The burst-height compensating super-fuze. The combination of a lack of Russian situational awareness, dangerously short warning times, high-readiness alert postures, and the increasing US strike capacity resulting from a new fuzing system for submarine-based nuclear missiles has created a deeply destabilizing and dangerous strategic nuclear situation.

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