Its a disgrace to see this man, the president of Syria being assaulted in the western media as a murderer, a liar, a butcher, a president of a criminal regime, to name just a few of the insults. As a matter of fact he is the commander in chief of an army that is defending the country and the syrian people. More than 100.000 syrian government soldiers have been killed in the last 6 years. Many more civilians have been murdered and the foreign backed mercinaries and killers have created millions of refugees, many of whom have fled Syria, which in large parts lies in ruins. The german government is actually sanctioning the country, some call these sanctions an act of war in itself. IT IS A DISGRACE. We are being fed lies upon lies about Syria and whats going on there. Most refugees from Syria unfortunately listen to arab language fake news and are fed the same lies by Al Jazeera & friends. PLEASE LISTEN TO THE PRESIDENT OF SYRIA:

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