BEWARE OF RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA: The first on-site house has been printed in Russia


The first house printed using mobile 3D printing technology has been built in Stupino town, Moscow region. The Apis Cor and PIK companies have successfully completed the project which was announced in December 2016.

In December 2016, the Apis Cor company in cooperation with PIK proceeded to print the building using a mobile 3D printer. Construction took place at the Apis Cor company’s test facility in the town of Stupino, on the territory of the Stupino aerated concrete factory. Printing of self-bearing walls, partitions and building envelope were done in less than a day: pure machine time of printing amounted to 24 hours.

For the first time in the Russian construction practice a house was printed as a whole, rather than assembled from pre-printed panels.

Six companies have joined together to implement the project and demonstrate how successful could a symbiosis of high technologies be. All companies participating in the construction of the house in Stupino are open to the technologies of the future and are willing to change people’s lives for the better. Project participants agree: the great history of house printing begins.

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