Bombing Muslims & Banning Muslims

Years and years of bombing muslim countries, regime change wars, even using poisionous uranium munitions in many places – destroying Iraq, murdering Muammar Gaddafi, for years promoting, supporting and arming extremists in Syria – anti-war protests MISERABLY small – and now this Trump guy comes along and everyone is out in the streets?

Where were the huge protests before, when more than 25000 bombs were dropped on muslim countries in 2016 alone – under OBAMA – where were the people when the OBAMA-CLINTON media was dissing non-stop against the Assad „REGIME“ – permanently pushing outright lies against Syria, even in the „alternative media“ – promoting „moderate rebels“ or „white“ helmets, falsely blaming 100.000 dead syrian soldiers for having murdered in the name of a bloody butcher named Assad – SHAME ON YOU – where were the people, where were the protests when a rightwing-coup in Ukraine was pushed upon the country, when Russia was provoked nonstop, when a civil war was kickstarted right on the border with Russia.

I am not pro-Trump – I am supporting refugees – I am against walls – but we need to face the facts and we need to turn against the root-causes of the refugee crisis – the protests now are in large parts fueled by the very same people and their MSM, who fed us with lies upon lies upon lies for all these years, to promote their criminal frigging wars, to destabilize, to create chaos and havoc all over the globe. The very same people who created the conditions for the refugee crisis in the first place.

If the Trump gang is now destabilizing the clique of the Obama/Clinton/McCain/Graham/Merkel/Hollande/NATO WW3 warmongers. – and Trump talks with Russia – so be it, I wait and see. Sometimes it might take a mob to clean up shop. Anyways, in case you are able to get rid of Trump, impeach him, or he gets killed, whats next on your programm? Who will take over? Killary? hb

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