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23. Januar 2017

More Than Half of ‚Syrian Rebels‘ Are Foreigners – 13.000 foreign fighters killed during the last 2 years alone

„Syrian Observatory for Human Rights“, an anti-Assad activist network originally set up in 2006, updates its casualty figures for the Syrian civil war.

According to SOHR’s updated figures from January 1st 2015 through December 31st 2016 the conflict in Syria cost the lives of:

  • 13,607 civilians (according to SOHR the vast majority killed by the Syrian military)
  • 12,886 Syrian soldiers and pro-government militiamen
  • 2,306 foreign pro-government fighters


  • 8,130 Syrian opposition fighters (by which SOHR means all rebels including ISIS)
  • 13,297 foreign fighters with the opposition
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