Announcement of the national network “NATO out of Germany – Germany out of NATO”

 ( 10 January, 2017

We stand in solidarity with our Italian, French and Montenegrin friends, who, like us, struggle united as a national alliance for the withdrawal from NATO or stopping the planned NATO membership of their respective countries. We are an alliance of 61 groups and organizations in the peace movement in Germany, who joined forces under the slogan “NATO out – out of NATO” in the summer 2015. We herewith wish to confirm:

  1. Let us be vigilant in regards to the manipulated protest activities, currently being organised by the previous main forces of war in opposition to the incoming US-president Donald Trump, the first USpresident, to openly question the justification for NATO’s existence.
  2. Let us not be distracted from our struggle against the outgoing Obama administration’s extremely dangerous warmongering legacies.
  3. Let us become even more involved in the struggle against the military encirclement of Russia and NATO’s most recent armored forces build-up on Russia’s western borders.
  4. Let us strengthen our appeal for lifting the sanctions against Russia. Their sole objective is to prevent the peaceful cooperation of the peoples of the Eurasian continent on a basis of equality.
  5. Let us strengthen our contact to the growing popular forces, seeking to have their countries make a radical break with the warmongering NATO alliance.

On behalf of the national network “NATO out of Germany – Germany out of NATO” (

Klaus von Raussendorff

Aktualisiert am 11. Januar 2017


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