Lista No Nato, Italy – To The demonstrations against Donald Trump

The demonstrations against Donald Trump, planned for the coming days in Europe by people claiming to oppose Nato, are part and parcel, whether consciously or not, of the anti-Russian mass-hysteria whipped up in the US, with follow-ups echoing around the subservient Nato countries, by the losers of the presidential elections.
These supporters of years of havoc around the entire world don’t resign themselves to accepting the democratic outcome of these elections and hence blame it on some totally unproven conspiracy by Russian hackers personally directed by none less than the Russian President.
In order to disrupt what seems to be the most significant aspect of Trumpì’s foreign policy (letting aside his yet not practised domestic policies), i.e. the effort at diminishing international tensions with regard to Syria and Russia, the US establishment, including the neocon warmongers, the Cia, the Intelligence Community, the financial powers, the military-industrial complex and the aligned mass media, have gone into an almost pathological war frenzy.
Thousands of tanks, military equipment, missiles, Special Forces, troops, are being dispatched to the Russian borders. This incredible provocation and the effort at delegitimising the elected president, with serious prospects of a catastrophic civil war in the very United States, together with the coldlly calculated risk of a thermonuclear war, make demonstrations against Trump at this moment in time appear totally out of place and politically nonsensical, even outrageous. An authentic weapon of mass distraction.
We invite those who have called for these demontrastions, that objectively undermine our struggle against war and against Nato and support the crazy drive towards confrontation, to cancel their plans and join us in mobilizing against these final heritage of Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s unrelenting warterrorism that has caused the loss of millions of lives and unspoken destruction.
Today our enemy are those who push towards a planetarian tragedy, not an elected president who might have disconcerted us with his announcements, but so far has not committed one of the endless crimes that must be charged on his predecessors.

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Rome, 9.1.2016. Announcement of the No NATO List, Italy

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