US Proves It Backs Terrorism by Lifting Ban on Arms Supplies to Syria – Damascus (sputniknews)

Syrian diplomats said the decision was aimed at fueling the crisis, killing Syrians and destroying the infrastructure. The lifting of the ban on arms supplies yet needs Congressional endorsement. … 73 by Taboola . China’s New Copy of Russian Supersonic Missile Has US Pacific Fleet Worried Russia, China & Independent Allies Forming ‚New Alliance in Opposition to US‘ New ‚Pivot to Asia‘? Will Pentagon’s Next Chief Be Particularly Tough on China Related: US Decision on Arms Supplies to Syria Not to Seriously Affect Aleppo Situation US Approval of Arms Supplies to Syria to Benefit Militants, Fuel Crisis US Arms Supplies to Allies in Syria ‚Risk Being Used Against‘ Government Tags: arms supplies, terrorism, The Syrian war, Syrian Foreign Ministry, Barack Obama, Syria, United States Community standards Discussion Comment via FacebookComment via Sputnik News LatestMost ReadMost Discussed 17:26Kerry Promises to Deliver Friends of Syria Group Meeting Results to Lavrov 17:26Colombian President Accepts 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for Truce With Farc Rebels 17:17China, Japan Agree on Maritime Defense Coordination 17:01Russia to Start Advanced PAK FA Fighters Production on Schedule in 2017 16:55Paris Calls in Rat Catchers for Out-of-Control Rodent Crisis All news Multimedia PhotoCartoonsInfographics What Instagram Would Have Looked Like in the USSR What Instagram Would Have Looked Like in the USSR AROUND THE WEB Follow us FacebookTwitter

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