Rescue operation conducted by Syrian, Russian militaries in east Aleppo

The Syrian and Russian militaries conducted a heroic operation this weekend to rescue two families trapped in jihadist-controlled east Aleppo.

Using Russian technological advances, the two militaries were able to pinpoint the location of these two families and sneak past enemy lines to rescue the civilians.

Footage of this east Aleppo operation was captured by the Russian media this weekend; this video can be seen below.

Civilians in east Aleppo have been restricted from leaving their besieged neighborhoods by the jihadist rebels, despite claims by the U.S. State Department that the Russian and Syrian government’s are behind this humanitarian crisis.

Translation for the vdeo below:

Syrian government representatives organised a welcoming ceremony for two civilian families who had managed to flee to the government controlled western parts of Aleppo from the opposition-held eastern districts of the city, Saturday.

SOT, Civilian (Arabic): „It is very difficult to live there under the blockade. There is no food, no water. There is no rice, no lentils, no grains. It is impossible to imagine how difficult it is there. Life is like hell. A kilogram of rice costs 1,000 Liras. It is impossible to live this way, so we decided to leave. To get out of there at all costs. Here is a state, security, you can live, work, and there is no life there – only death. We could not keep on living there.“

SOT, Civilian (Arabic): „Before I found myself blocked here, I was there. There the terrorists tell the people that the army will lead you to prison and so on. Previously, I was here and said that nothing had happened to me. Certainly, if you are an offender and if there are some allegations against you, then yes. But if you respect yourself, your country, your army, no one will come for you, you will be safe. I said this to everyone there, and I think that they – terrorists – wanted to arrest me.“

SOT, Civilian (Arabic): „It was very difficult to leave. We decided to leave because it was very difficult to live there. We were oppressed there, there was no food, ourselves and the army were blamed. The terrorists have no understanding of what a blockade is. They have everything for themselves, for their families, they get assistance, the representatives of international organisations also have everything. Only civilians have nothing. They are under a real blockade. They say if you want to get a bowl of rice – go to the front and fight. That is their attitude towards us. That is why we were forced to leave. Thanks Allah, the Syrian Army welcomed us, Russian soldiers, we left that place, thank Allah, everyone is alive.“

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