David Swanson (World Beyond War) Resist the growing sound of war drums in Washington, D.C.

I’ve been doing events and interviews to try to resist the growing sound of war drums in Washington, D.C.

I went to Saint Michael’s College in Vermont to debate a pro-war advocate. Based on feedback I’ve received, I helped turn a lot of people’s views against war. I’m still waiting for the video but will post it on my site the minute they get it to me. Here’s the book I wrote to allow anyone to debunk „Just War“ theory:  http://davidswanson.org/warisneverjust

I’m headed to Alaska to talk about why war is a lie. I have a column on Russia submitted to an Alaskan newspaper that I’ll share when published. Here’s War Is A Lie: http://davidswanson.org/warisalie

I’ve posted a highlight video from the #NoWar2016 conference here.

Some more recent stuff:

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Video: Protest at the Pentagon

Video: Turn the Pentagon into a Hospital

Turn the Pentagon into a Hospital

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