Intercept supports White Helmets in Syria

Intercept supports White Helmets in Syria

What could be the reason?

Intercept was started by Pierre Omidyar – the founder of Ebay
largest shareholder in PayPal’s parent company – nearly 10 percent.

eBay alway operated a trans-national private police force overseeing thousands of arrests and convictions around the globe, training thousands of law enforcement officials and working with police and intelligence agencies in the US and abroad,

Intercept later kickstarted First Look Media

Omidyar co-invested with USAID and NED, and shares their policy on regime change in Ukraine.

Omidyar was or is also member of President’s Commission on White House Fellowships (June 2009)

The White House has withheld thousands of documents relating to the CIA’s role in detention and interrogation of prisoners. Any news that Omidiyar has close ties to the White House would hurt.