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20. September 2016

Samstag 24.9. Antikriegs-Veranstaltung NO WAR 2016 – Berlin – Washington D.C.

Berlin Samstag den 24.9. ab 14 Uhr
Sprechsaal Berlin-Mitte, Marienstr. 26



20. September 2016

World War Two Was Not a Just War – By David Swanson

Excerpted from the just released book War Is Never Just.

World War II is often called “the good war,” and has been since the U.S. war on Vietnam to which it was then contrasted. World War II so dominates U.S. and therefore Western entertainment and education, that “good” often comes to mean something more than “just.” The winner of the “Miss Italy” beauty pageant earlier this year got herself into a bit of a scandal by declaring that she would have liked to live through World War II. While she was mocked, she was clearly not alone. Many would like to be part of something widely depicted as noble, heroic, and exciting. Should they actually find a time machine, I recommend they read the statements of some actual WWII veterans and survivors before they head back to join the fun.[i] For purposes of this book, however, I am going to look only at the claim that WWII was morally just.

No matter how many years one writes books, does interviews, publishes columns, and speaks at events, it remains virtually impossible to make it out the door of an event in the United States at which you’ve advocated abolishing war without somebody hitting you with the what-about-the-good-war question. This belief that there was a good war 75 years ago is a large part of what moves the U.S. public to tolerate dumping a trillion dollars a year into preparing in case there’s a good war next year,[ii] even in the face of so many dozens of wars during the past 70 years on which there’s general consensus that they were not good. Without rich, well-established myths about World War II, current propaganda about Russia or Syria or Iraq or China would sound as crazy to most people as it sounds to me. And of course the funding generated by the Good War legend leads to more bad wars, rather than preventing them. I’ve written on this topic at great length in many articles and books, especially War Is A Lie.[iii] But I’ll offer here a few key points that ought to at least place a few seeds of doubt in the minds of most U.S. supporters of WWII as a Just War.

Mark Allman and Tobias Winright, the “Just War” authors discussed in previous chapters, are not very forthcoming with their list of Just Wars, but they do mention in passing numerous unjust elements of the U.S. role in WWII, including U.S. and U.K. efforts to wipe out the populations of German cities[iv] and the insistence on unconditional surrenders.[v] However, they also suggest that they may believe this war was justly engaged in, unjustly conducted, and justly followed through on via the Marshall Plan, etc.[vi] I’m not sure Germany’s role as host of U.S. troops, weapons, and communications stations, and as collaborator in unjust U.S. wars over the years is included in the calculation.

Here are what I think of as the top 12 reasons the Good War wasn’t good/just.

  1. World War II could not have happened without World War I, without the stupid manner of starting World War I and the even stupider manner of ending World War I which led numerous wise people to predict World War II on the spot, or without Wall Street’s funding of Nazi Germany for decades (as preferable to communists), or without the arms race and numerous bad decisions that do not need to be repeated in the future.
  2. The U.S. government was not hit with a surprise attack. President Franklin Roosevelt had quietly promised Churchill that the United States would work hard to provoke Japan into staging an attack. FDR knew the attack was coming, and initially drafted a declaration of war against both Germany and Japan on the evening of Pearl Harbor. Prior to Pearl Harbor, FDR had built up bases in the U.S. and multiple oceans, traded weapons to the Brits for bases, started the draft, created a list of every Japanese American person in the country, provided planes, trainers, and pilots to China, imposed harsh sanctions on Japan, and advised the U.S. military that a war with Japan was beginning. He told his top advisers he expected an attack on December 1st, which was six days off. Here’s an entry in Secretary of War Henry Stimson’s diary following a November 25, 1941, White House meeting: “The President said the Japanese were notorious for making an attack without warning and stated that we might be attacked, say next Monday, for example.”
  3. The war was not humanitarian and was not even marketed as such until after it was over. There was no poster asking you to help Uncle Sam save the Jews. A ship of Jewish refugees from Germany was chased away from Miami by the Coast Guard. The U.S. and other nations refused to accept Jewish refugees, and the majority of the U.S. public supported that position. Peace groups that questioned Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his foreign secretary about shipping Jews out of Germany to save them were told that, while Hitler might very well agree to the plan, it would be too much trouble and require too many ships. The U.S. engaged in no diplomatic or military effort to save the victims in the Nazi concentration camps. Anne Frank was denied a U.S. visa. Although this point has nothing to do with a serious historian’s case for WWII as a Just War, it is so central to U.S. mythology that I’ll include here a key passage from Nicholson Baker: “Anthony Eden, Britain’s foreign secretary, who’d been tasked by Churchill with handling queries about refugees, dealt coldly with one of many important delegations, saying that any diplomatic effort to obtain the release of the Jews from Hitler was ‘fantastically impossible.’ On a trip to the United States, Eden candidly told Cordell Hull, the secretary of state, that the real difficulty with asking Hitler for the Jews was that ‘Hitler might well take us up on any such offer, and there simply are not enough ships and means of transportation in the world to handle them.’ Churchill agreed. ‘Even were we to obtain permission to withdraw all the Jews,’ he wrote in reply to one pleading letter, ‘transport alone presents a problem which will be difficult of solution.’ Not enough shipping and transport? Two years earlier, the British had evacuated nearly 340,000 men from the beaches of Dunkirk in just nine days. The U.S. Air Force had many thousands of new planes. During even a brief armistice, the Allies could have airlifted and transported refugees in very large numbers out of the German sphere.”[vii] Perhaps it does go to the question of “Right Intention” that the “good” side of the war simply did not give a damn about what would become the central example of the badness of the “bad” side of the war.
  4. The war was not defensive. FDR lied that he had a map of Nazi plans to carve up South America, that he had a Nazi plan to eliminate religion, that U.S. ships (covertly assisting British war planes) were innocently attacked by Nazis, that Germany was a threat to the United States.[viii] A case can be made that the U.S. needed to enter the war in Europe to defend other nations, which had entered to defend yet other nations, but a case could also be made that the U.S. escalated the targeting of civilians, extended the war, and inflicted more damage than might have occurred, had the U.S. done nothing, attempted diplomacy, or invested in nonviolence. To claim that a Nazi empire could have grown to someday include an occupation of the United States is wildly far fetched and not borne out by any earlier or later examples from other wars.
  5. We now know much more widely and with much more data that nonviolent resistance to occupation and injustice is more likely to succeed—and that success more likely to last—than violent resistance. With this knowledge, we can look back at the stunning successes of nonviolent actions against the Nazis that were not well organized or built on beyond their initial successes.[ix]
  6. The Good War was not good for the troops. Lacking intense modern training and psychological conditioning to prepare soldiers to engage in the unnatural act of murder, some 80 percent of U.S. and other troops in World War II did not fire their weapons at “the enemy.”[x] The fact that veterans of WWII were treated better after the war than other soldiers before or since, was the result of the pressure created by the Bonus Army after the previous war. That veterans were given free college, healthcare, and pensions was not due to the merits of the war or in some way a result of the war. Without the war, everyone could have been given free college for many years. If we provided free college to everyone today, it would then require much more than Hollywoodized World War II stories to get many people into military recruiting stations.
  7. Several times the number of people killed in German camps were killed outside of them in the war. The majority of those people were civilians. The scale of the killing, wounding, and destroying made WWII the single worst thing humanity has ever done to itself in a short space of time. We imagine the allies were somehow “opposed” to the far lesser killing in the camps. But that can’t justify the cure that was worse than the disease.
  8. Escalating the war to include the all-out destruction of civilians and cities, culminating in the completely indefensible nuking of cities took WWII out of the realm of defensible projects for many who had defended its initiation—and rightly so. Demanding unconditional surrender and seeking to maximize death and suffering did immense damage and left a grim and foreboding legacy.
  9. Killing huge numbers of people is supposedly defensible for the “good” side in a war, but not for the “bad” side. The distinction between the two is never as stark as fantasized. The United States had a long history as an apartheid state. U.S. traditions of oppressing African Americans, practicing genocide against Native Americans, and now interning Japanese Americans also gave rise to specific programs that inspired Germany’s Nazis—these included camps for Native Americans, and programs of eugenics and human experimentation that existed before, during, and after the war. One of these programs included giving syphilis to people in Guatemala at the same time the Nuremberg trials were taking place.[xi] The U.S. military hired hundreds of top Nazis at the end of the war; they fit right in.[xii] The U.S. aimed for a wider world empire, before the war, during it, and ever since. German neo-Nazis today, forbidden to wave the Nazi flag, sometimes wave the flag of the Confederate States of America instead.
  10. The “good” side of the “good war,” the party that did most of the killing and dying for the winning side, was the communist Soviet Union. That doesn’t make the war a triumph for communism, but it does tarnish Washington’s and Hollywood’s tales of triumph for “democracy.”[xiii]
  11. World War II still hasn’t ended. Ordinary people in the United States didn’t have their incomes taxed until World War II and that’s never stopped. It was supposed to be temporary.[xiv] WWII-era bases built around the world have never closed. U.S. troops have never left Germany or Japan.[xv] There are more than 100,000 U.S. and British bombs still in the ground in Germany, still killing.[xvi]
  12. Going back 75 years to a nuclear-free, colonial world of completely different structures, laws, and habits to justify what has been the greatest expense of the United States in each of the years since is a bizarre feat of self-deception that isn’t attempted in the justification of any lesser enterprise. Assume I’ve got numbers 1 through 11 totally wrong, and you’ve still got to explain how an event from the early 1940s justifies dumping a trillion 2017 dollars into war funding that could have been spent to feed, clothe, cure, and shelter millions of people, and to environmentally protect the earth.
20. September 2016

America’s (U.S.)Worldwide Impunity – By Robert Parry

By Robert Parry

After several years of arming and supporting Syrian rebel groups that often collaborated with Al Qaeda’s Nusra terror affiliate, the United States launched an illegal invasion of Syria two years ago with airstrikes supposedly aimed at Al Qaeda’s Islamic State spin-off, but on Saturday that air war killed scores of Syrian soldiers and aided an Islamic State victory.

Yet, the major American news outlets treat this extraordinary set of circumstances as barely newsworthy, operating with an imperial hubris that holds any U.S. invasion or subversion of another country as simply, ho-hum, the way things are supposed to work.

read the whole article

20. September 2016

Sigmar Gabriel hat CETA-Ja der SPD erpresst – von Dietmar Bartsch, Sahra Wagenknecht, 20. September 2016

SPD-Chef Sigmar Gabriel hat auf dem nichtöffentlichen Parteikonvent am 19. September in Wolfsburg grünes Licht für eine Zustimmung zum europäisch-kanadischen Handelsabkommen CETA bekommen. Die mehr als 200 Delegierten des Kleinen Parteitages hätten dem Kompromissvorschlag der Parteiführung am Montag mehrheitlich zugestimmt, erfuhren Nachrichtenagenturen aus Teilnehmerkreisen. Auf eine Auszählung sei verzichtet worden.

“Was für ein Armutszeugnis für die angebliche Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, die sich selbst ja inzwischen lieber als Partei des Freihandels bezeichnet. Ich finde ja: Ehrlicher wäre Partei des Konzernschutzes, denn um nichts anderes geht es bei CETA. Der SPD-Konvent hat dieses unselige Abkommen heute abgesegnet – und dabei TTIP durch die Hintertür gleich mit. Es wäre wirklich schön, wenn es in der SPD eine Mehrheit von Menschen geben würde, die auf die berechtigten sozialen und demokratischen Forderungen aus der Bevölkerung hören würden – anstatt auf den Lobbyisten-Untertan Gabriel. Wir als Linke machen weiter Druck – und mit uns viele Tausende mehr. Das haben wir am Samstag eindrucksvoll gezeigt. Wir werden CETA und TTIP stoppen. CETA-Befürworter wie Gabriel und Merkel gehören abgewählt”, kommentierte Sahra Wagenknecht am Montag Abend das Ergebnis des SPD-Konvents in Wolfsburg.

“Wir klagen in Karlsruhe gegen die Vorabinkraftsetzung”, kündigte unmittelbar nach Bekanntwerden des Abstimmungsergebnisses Dietmar Bartsch an. Bundesrat und Volksinitiativen seien jetzt ebenfalls gefordert. Auf den Vorwurf von SPD-Vize Torsten Schäfer-Gümbel, seine Kritik sei substanzlos, erwiderte Bartsch im Kurznachrichtendienst Twitter “320.000 Demonstranten haben am Samstag Nein zu CETA gesagt. Das ist Substanz, die die SPD offenkundig ignoriert.”

20. September 2016

WEST POINT „STOP THE IMPERIAL WARS“ – „Stoppt die imperialen Kriege“ am 26. September 2016 – UND ANDERE PROTESTE AM GLEICHEN TAG


WEST POINT „STOP THE IMPERIAL WARS – „Stoppt die imperialen Kriege“ am 26. September 2016

„Stoppt die imperialen Kriege“ Ein Protest am Tag der ersten Präsidentschaftsdebatte in den USA, in Solidarität mit den Protesten die weiter weiter unten aufgeführt sind.

Unterstützt von: Concerned Families of Westchester, the Granny Peace Brigade, Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter, National Campaign for Non-violent Resistance,, Middle East Crisis Response, United National Anti-war Coalition, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, WESPAC Foundation, the Steering Committee of Women Against War, World Beyond War and World Can’t Wait

Zeit: Montag, 26. September um 11.00 Uhr

Ort: Vor dem Haupteingang der West Point US-Militärakademie, 674 Thayer Road, West Point, NY


Hofstra University, Ort der Präsidentschaftsdebatte – Uniondale Avenue und Hempstead Turnpike, Hempstead, NY – um 16.00 Uhr, organisiert von Peace Action Matters, Hofstra, Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives und Peace Action NY.

Vor dem Pentagon in Washington, DC – 9.00 Uhr  organisiert von National Campaign for Non-Violent Resistance (Nationale Kampagne für gewaltlosen Widerstand) und gleichzeitig der Höhepunkt der internationalen „No-War 2016“ Konferenz organisiert von World Beyond War.

No War 2016 Agenda

Beale AFB – Marysville, Kalifornien (bei Sacramento) um 17.00 Uhr.
Organisiert von Aktivisten von United Against Drone Warfare im Rahmen des allmonatlichen Protests vor dem US-Militärstützpunkt in Beale gegen die Verwendung von geheimdienstlichen Informationen für den Drohnenkrieg.

Protest vor der US-Botschaft, Berlin, Deutschland – 12 Uhr EST. Organisiert von Code Pink Deutschland, World >Beyond War und anderen Gruppen.

Alice Springs, Australien – Protestaktion für die Schliessung des US-Geheimdienst-Zentrums in Pine Gap vom 26. September bis zum 2. Oktober durch das Disarm Collective.

Volk Field Air National Guard Basis – Camp Douglas, WI. am 27. September, von 3.30 – 4.30 Monatliche Mahnwache für ein Ende der Drohnenkrieges organisiert von der Wisconsin Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars.

20. September 2016

Sahra Wagenknecht: Die wahren Hintergründe des Syrienkrieges

20. September 2016

Sa. 24. Sept. in Berlin – NO WAR 2016 – Antikriegs-Veranstaltung – Sprechsaal (World Beyond War)

20. September 2016

Zauberlehrlinge (Streit zwischen Berlin und Kiew um Minsker Abkommen) German Foreign Policy

Wachsende Spannungen zwischen Berlin und Kiew gehen der morgen beginnenden Russland-Reise von Bundeswirtschaftsminister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) voraus. Entgegen den Bemühungen der Bundesregierung, die Realisierung des Zweiten Minsker Abkommens durchzusetzen, hat der ukrainische Staatspräsident Petro Poroschenko jetzt erklärt, die in dem Vertrag vorgesehenen Verpflichtungen seines Landes vorerst nicht erfüllen zu wollen; stattdessen müssten Russland und die ostukrainischen „Volksrepubliken“ in Vorleistung treten. Darüber hinaus solle der Westen seine Sanktionen gegen Russland ausweiten, da Moskau die Krim in ein „Konzentrationslager“ verwandelt habe. Die offene Obstruktion des Minsk II-Abkommens geht mit plumpen Versuchen Kiews einher, die Bundesregierung in der Frage der Russland-Politik zu spalten: Während Ministerialbeamte in der ukrainischen Hauptstadt Außenminister Frank-Walter Steinmeier scharf kritisieren, stimmen sie Töne höchsten Lobes auf Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel an. Auch in den baltischen Staaten wird scharfe Kritik am deutschen Außenminister laut. Berlin gelingt es bislang nicht, die antirussischen Kräfte in Osteuropa, denen es vor dem Umsturz in Kiew und in der folgenden Phase des Streits um die Übernahme der Krim durch Moskau freie Bahn ließ, wieder einzufangen. Sein Anspruch, in Osteuropa als alleinige „Ordnungsmacht“ aufzutreten, ist noch nicht vollständig realisiert.


20. September 2016

Whistleblower: NATO’s Leading Ally Is Arming And Funding ISIS (

September 18, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “Medium” –  A former senior counter-terrorism official in Turkey has blown the whistle on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s deliberate sponsorship of the Islamic State (ISIS) as a geopolitical tool to expand Turkey’s regional influence and sideline his political opponents at home.

Ahmet Sait Yayla was Chief of the Counter-Terrorism and Operations Division of Turkish National Police between 2010 and 2012, before becoming Chief of the Public Order and Crime Prevention Division until 2014. Previously, he had worked in the Counter-Terrorism and Operations Division as a mid-level manager for his entire 20-year police tenure, before becoming Chief of Police in Ankara and Sanliurfa.

In interviews with INSURGE intelligence, Yayla exclusively revealed that he had personally witnessed evidence of high-level Turkish state sponsorship of ISIS during his police career, which eventually led him to resign. He decided to become a whistleblower after Erdogan’s authoritarian crackdown following the failed military coup in July. This is the first time that the former counter-terrorism chief has spoken on the record to reveal what he knows about Turkish government aid to Islamist terror groups.

read the whole article:

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