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25. August 2016





25. August 2016

Further escalation of conflict in Syria (

The latest incursion into Syria by Turkish troops is ostensibly in opposition to ISIS. In reality its aim is to defeat the Kurdish forces there who have moved west of the Euphrates river. In this, Turkey has the backing of the US as made clear by Vice President Joe Biden. While US planes have given air cover to the Kurdish YPG in its fighting of ISIS to capture Manbij, Biden has made it clear that this will no longer be the case and that the Kurds must do what Turkey says. Given Turkey’s previous logistical and other support for ISIS, their latest claims should not be taken at face value. This escalation of the war in Syria is a serious development. In Iraq meanwhile the coming attack on Mosul by the Iraqi army will see extensive bombing and probably substantial civilian casualties, while in Afghanistan according to Stratfor the Taliban are stronger than at any time since 2001. These bloody wars must end. We shall discuss how this can be achieved at the international anti-war conference on 8 October. The conference marks 15 years of the ‚war on terror‘ and of Stop the War, the largest and broadest anti-war coalition in British history.
15 years on: Time to stop the war An international conference Saturday 8th October • 10 – 5pm
TUC Congress House


25. August 2016

Karin Leukefeld zu türkischen und US-Truppen in Syrien: „Das ist eine militärische Intervention“ (RTdeutsch)



Die Journalistin Karin Leukefeld berichtet direkt aus Aleppo über den Krieg in Syrien. Die deutschen Medien berichten gleichlautend und einseitig über Syrien, so die einzige deutsche Korrespondentin im Kriegsgebiet. Mit RT Deutsch spricht sie über die Bevölkerung in Aleppo und die schwierigen Fronten in Syrien.

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