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8. August 2016

Abschieben mit McKinsey Tips für »Rückführungen«: Behörde zahlt neoliberaler Denkfabrik Millionen (junge Welt)

Asylsuchende effizient abschieben: Dafür ist der Bundesregierung offenbar kein Preis zu hoch. Nach einem Spiegel-Bericht vom Wochenende will das Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF) 1,86 Millionen Euro für eine passende Studie ausgeben. Profiteur des Großauftrags ist die Unternehmensberatung McKinsey.


8. August 2016

Hands off Syria! Defeat Pro-war bill called House Resolution 5732!

This is an important petition. A US no-fly zone over Syria would increase the level of violence against the Syrian people ten fold. Just the attempt to establish that level of control would bring the US head to head with Russia as well. Syria and the Syrian people are no threat to the US. There is no reason to destroy yet another country in the Middle East. Please sign and let congress know the American people do not support escalating violence against the people of Syria.

8. August 2016

Russian Interests in the Syrian War (

There are 2 schools of thought about what is happening in Syria.   One is that somehow this vicious war on the Syrian State and the Syrian people is being fought to save the Syrian people from some demonic force, to free them from oppression, and the organizationally fragmented extremist jihadi fighters who are driving it and their sponsors in Qatar and Saudi Arabia will somehow make an idyllic populist democracy there – if they suffer from poor taste that isn’t our problem.

The other is that the United States in her allies are attempting to destroy the last secular republic in the Middle East because popular governance is inconvenient,  and they will persevere at any cost to do so.    We need to look at the realities because the Syrian Arab Republic, however imperfect, is just that, the last secular republic in the Middle East with functioning (albeit weakened) public utilities and resources, and a government and military populated by people of all sects, regions and ethnicities across the country including a reasonable proportion of women.   Furthermore, Russia and Iran are on the sidelines giving more or less support and weighing the risks of a bold confrontation with the United States.  No sane person wants to trigger another world war.   How far should they let this go?

While the Mainstream media is bleeding over endlessly looped  one sided stories of the misery of war and analysis that ignores the behavior of what are essentially occupying forces in many towns and cities of Syria, this is what is really going on in this war – right now.   As Americans, is this what we want our country to be doing?

A friend responded to this message noting that Syria had a port in Tartus asking asking:me to talk a little more about Russia’s interest in the region.   My reply was as follows:

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