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All of the insular ASEAN states aside from Indonesia have already been discussed, but there’s so much to analyze about the organization’s largest member that only its own separate chapter will properly suffice. As the archipelagic gatekeeper between the Pacific and Indian Oceans and a country whose geographic, economic, and demographic characteristics portend quite well for future regional leadership status, unparalleled attention will be given to introducing the reader to Indonesia and helping them acquire a full understanding of the country. As such, this portion of the work begins by presenting a general overview of Indonesia’s history and landmark developments, followed by a strategic summary of the Indonesian state and its vulnerabilities. Afterwards, those said weaknesses are they investigated in-depth in order to raise awareness about the extreme susceptibility that Indonesia has to Hybrid War, provided of course that the US chooses to aggravate any of these given factors in order to incite it. Even if that’s not the case, it’s the author’s sincere hope that the reader will come away after perusing this publication a lot more educated about the country and able to hold a conversation about it the next time it enters the global headlines.

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Hybrid Wars 6. Trick To Containing China (VI)


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