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17. Juli 2016

Venezuela: Health Crisis Myth Exposed

17. Juli 2016

Petersburger Dialog: „Chance auf normalere Phase der Beziehungen“ – Pofalla (Sputnik)

Als einziges offizielles Dialogforum in Zeiten der Sanktionen trägt der Petersburger Dialog besondere Verantwortung, wie Ronald Pofalla, deutscher Co-Vorsitzender des deutsch-russischen Gremiums, sagt: „Wir haben die Chance, die unterschiedlichen Positionen auszutauschen und dafür zu werben, wenigstens die andere Position zu verstehen.“

In einem Interview für die Nachrichtenagentur RIA Novosti im Vorfeld der Tagung des Dialogs sagte Pofalla:

„Wir sind in einer Phase, die wahrscheinlich als die schwierigste seit 1990 angesehen werden kann. Und dennoch haben wir die Chance, wenn wesentliche Teile des Minsk-2-Abkommens umgesetzt werden können, wieder in eine normalere Phase der Beziehungen zurückzukommen.“

17. Juli 2016

Türkei: neue Zusammenstöße mit Rebellen (Sputnik)

Zu Zusammenstößen ist es am Sonntag im Istanbuler Flughafen Sabiha Gökcen gekommen. Wie Reuters unter Berufung auf einen türkischen Beamtensprecher meldet, mussten türkische Sicherheitsbehörden dabei Warnschüsse abgeben.

„Die Situation befindet sich unter Kontrolle“, hieß es.

Auch aus dem Luftwaffenstützpunkt in der türkischen Stadt Konya wurden Zusammenstöße zwischen Putschisten und Sicherheitskräften gekommen. Auch dort werde die Situation mittlerweile ebenfalls wieder von den Behörden kontrolliert.

17. Juli 2016

French Ministers Calls on Citizens to Become Reservists (teleSUR)

His call comes after a cascade of criticisms against the government for failing to prevent a wave of terrorist attacks.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve urged French civilians Saturday to join the military reserves to help the country tackle a wave of terrorist attacks that have befalled France in recent months.

„I want to call on all French patriots who wish to do so, to join this operational reserve,“ said Cazeneuve adding that France’s „operational reservists“ include French citizens with or without military experience as well as former soldiers.

His call comes after many French citizens have criticized the government for not doing more to protect innocent bystanders.

Meanwhile French President Francois Hollande said Friday that reservists would be called upon to boost the ranks of police and gendarmes.

The operational reserve is currently made up of 12,000 volunteers, 9,000 of whom are within the paramilitary police and 3,000 in the regular police force, said Cazeneuve.

„We are going to reinforce the presence of security forces across the country,“ he added.

He said the number of security forces deployed to protect the population was nearly 100,000, including 53,000 police, 36,000 para-military police and 10,000 soldiers

17. Juli 2016

Turkish Coup Plotted to Stop Mending of Russia-Turkey Ties – Serbian FM (Sputnik)

The coup attempt in Turkey was masterminded by forces that were seeking to halt the restoration of good relations between Turkey and Russia, the acting Serbian foreign minister said Sunday. „I am sure that the coup [in Turkey] has a lot of influences from the outside…. It is now clear that the Russian plane was taken down by the pilot who belonged to the same group as those behind the coup, and now that Turkey renewed its ties with Russia, it clearly did not suit someone,“ Ivica Dacic said as quoted by b92 broadcaster.

17. Juli 2016

How China May Come Out on Top After the Hague Ruling on South China Sea (Sputnik)

The Hague ruling is by no means an end to the dispute over the South China Sea, however, Beijing stands a good chance of solving the issue with the parties directly concerned, US journalist Jim W. Dean believes.

17. Juli 2016

Tokyo Provokes Beijing, Demands Adherence to the South China Sea Ruling (Sputnik)

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wasted no time following The Hague’s ruling that China has no legal basis to territory that has long been in its control, a ruling that may also impact Tokyo and Beijing’s longstanding dispute over the Senkaku Islands.

17. Juli 2016

Senators Push to End Impeachment Against Rousseff After Report Finds No Laws Broken (teleSUR)

Leftist senators from Dilma Rousseff`s Workers` Party are pushing to discontinue the impeachment process against the president after the Office of the Public Prosecutor found that she did not break the law in her handling of the public budget.

17. Juli 2016

Turkey turmoil: Foreign plot or staged coup (Press TV)

Some of the soldiers detained in Turkey have reportedly told interrogators they were not aware they were part of a coup attempt.
The most dramatic fallout from the event, however, was suggestions by Turkish state officials that the US was involved in the failed coup.
The accusations by Labor and Social Security Minister Suleyman Soylu, in an interview on Turkish TV, forced US Secretary of State John Kerry Turkish to call Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and warn that those claims could harm ties.

17. Juli 2016

Kerry Blasts Turkey for Insinuating that Washington Plotted Coup of Erdogan (Sputnik)

The United States expressed concern that their longtime NATO ally and critical regional partner believed that Washington would try to overthrow their government calling the claims „harmful to bilateral relations.“

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