NATO and ‘News’ Media Pump for World War III, Nuclear War (globalresearch)

By Eric Zuesse
Global Research, June 29, 2016
Region: Russia and FSU, USA
Theme: Intelligence, Media Disinformation, US NATO War Agenda


America’s announcement that Russia has committed ‘aggression’ against America, is an announcement that America is at war against Russia; and here is how America’s ‘news’ media have said that it’s the case — that Russia has aggressed — even as the U.S. government is still onlypreparing to attack Russia, and isn’t yet ready actually to invade that country.

Right now, this propaganda is only psychological warfare, preparation of the U.S. public to accept that America’s invasion of Russia, when it comes, will be ‘defensive,’ not ‘offensive’. This psychological framing of the big invasion, in advance, is important in order for the American people to believe, when the invasion comes, that it’s some sort of ‘just’ war, not an aggression, and conquest, by NATO — America and its allies — against Russia. (At least some people in the global aristocracy are already buying nuclear-proof bomb-shelters, because they’re sufficiently well-connected to know what’s not being

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