Comment on Editorial at Deutsche Welle


Deutsche Welle (‪#‎DW‬) published: „But Stalin was the first to transform himself into a flint, and he did everything possible to help Hitler to power, and subsequently lead him to war.“ (…/guest-editorial-whos-opening…/a-19346564 ) This could be written out of the pen of Ernst Nolte ( ) and is dangerous revisionism! No single word about the start of the „war against the Jewish Bolshewism“ which startet 1919 as counterrevolution can being find in this article!

The first famous victim was Rosa Luxemburg ( and thousands of revolting workers had been killed under the rule of Gustav Noske ( Another famous victim: Kurt Eisner ( More and more communists, socialists and anarchists had been killed by far right-wing and counter-revolutinary troups under the leadership of the „Ludendorffs“ ( . Because the German revolution failed, the Russian stagnated and brought Stalin and his ideology of „Socialism in one country“ to power. Ludendorff and the Freicorps didn’t play with cuddly toys between 1918 – 1933. So what? They have been the real and responsible precursors of the Nazi regime and WWII.

Viktor Yerofeyev is a writer, a litterateur, not a historian. It’s scary, that the Deutsche Welle was publishing such a stupid article on base of personality cult on the day of the German aggression against Russia!

For everybody, who is liking good litterateur: The book „Success“ ( of Lion Feuchtwanger ( is a historical drama of the rise of Nazism. I’ll think, he was a better writer than Yerofeyev is.

by Alinka Seth via facebook

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