5,000 people protest in Ramstein – Drone warfare is murder. We will be back!

The demonstration at Ramstein Air Base last weekend was, we believe, the largest protest against drone warfare that has ever taken place in a Western country as well as the largest demonstration ever in the history of the decades-long protests against the US military base in Ramstein. This is a very exciting and hopeful moment for us all, and it was in large measure made possible  by the inspiration of the US anti-drone movement and US resistors and whistleblowers.  Thanks to all of you who have worked so effectively and faithfully on this issue for so many years!

On June 13th, 2016, the Ramstein Campaign issued a follow-up statement in German entitled
5,000 people protest in Ramstein – Drone warfare is murder. We will be back!
In the statement, the central concerns of the demonstrators are set forth as follows:
  •    End the illegal drone war!
  •    The Air Base with its central command structures, including for nuclear war and missile defense, must gradually be closed down.
  •    The military jobs must be converted into civilian ones by means of a comprehensive conversion program.
  •    Germany’s involvement in wars of intervention must be ended, and all re-armament programs stopped.

The demonstrators also declared their solidarity with the refugees who have to come here because of the US and NATO wars.

Here are some of the news reports in English:
— Stars and Stripes (two stories, and one includes photo gallery)
— Reuters
— Associated Press:
— Daily Pakistan
— Thailand
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