Sierra Leone and Kenya among the 60 countries supporting China on the South China Sea issue.

The fact that nearly 60 countries support China on the South China Sea issue shows manipulation of public opinion by some countries cannot hide the truth, said a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Tuesday.

As Sierra Leone and Kenya recently made official statements showing support for China on the South China Sea issue, there are, so far, nearly 60 countries supporting China’s position.

At a daily briefing in Beijing, the spokesman Lu Kang said the South China Sea issue is only related to China and some countries around the sea and China never wants to internationalize the issue.

Lu noted both the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea signed in 2002 and the recent dual-track approach proposed by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) state that the issue should be resolved, on the basis of history and international laws, by parties concerned through negotiations.

„Because we agree with this way to solve the issue, the South China Sea issue can be under control in the past decades, stability can be maintained, and freedom and security of commercial navigation and flight can be ensured. Countries outside the region should have respected such efforts made by countries in the region; however, in recent years, some countries, regardless of well-being of people and countries in the region, insisted on sowing tension in the region. To achieve this end, these countries incite countries in the region to break promises and to break rules and international laws under the cover of ’safeguarding rules‘. These countries outside the region talk black into white and wants to manipulate public opinions to defame China,“ said Lu.

China appreciates support from countries, including Sierra Leone and Kenya, on this issue, said Lu.

„The fact that China has support from nearly 60 countries shows that justice will prevail. I think, some countries had better not pretend themselves as the ‚international community‘ and defame China. After all, manipulation of public opinions cannot hide the truth and some seven or eight countries cannot represent the whole international community,“ said Lu.

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