Aufruf französischer Genossen zu den Ereignissen in Paris: Official Statement

The terror attacks which have just struck blindly the Parisian youth need both an entire solidarity with the victims and an absolute condemnation of the murderers.

Shame to the mainstream media which for years have been presenting the fanatics as freedom fighters in order to overthrow the sovereign and secular state of Syria, as open to criticism the Syrian leaders may be.
Will the emergency state ordered by President François Hollande be used to fight terrorism or will it be used to reduce the individual and trade union freedoms, while diverting the workers from the relentless attacks on their social rights from Prime Minister Valls and the employer federation MEDEF ?

Without any weakness at all towards the murderers, the Pole of Communist Rebirth in France (PRCF) is calling all the humanists to condemn any attempt from the extreme right to hijack these events, to stay firm on the democratic and social struggles and to stop the French government from trying to topple the forces which are really fighting against Daesh. In the interest of its people, France must stop all its dangerous and shameful  cooperations with the religious fundamentalist petromonarchies, harbingers of fundamentalist terrorism.