London: Mass lobbying against the bombing of Syria


David Cameron seems determined to push for a vote in parliament over Syria. We have to do everything to stop this latest extension of British bombing and warmongering.

Parliamentary meeting on Syria: the case against military intervention

House of Commons, 6.30pm – 8.30pm Westminster, London

Chaired by Diane Abbott MP, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development

Speakers from different parliamentary parties tba including:
Alex Salmond MP
, SNP’s Foreign Affairs Spokesman
Lindsey German
, Convenor of the Stop the War Coalition
Andrew Murray
, Chair of the Stop the War Coalition

Come and hear the arguments against the British establishment’s addiction to permanent war. Even Julian Lewis, the Conservative chair of the parliament’s Defence Select Committee, has warned about the folly of risking a military confrontation with Russia in this way. RSVP here.

Blair’s fake apology: don’t get fooled again

Tony Blair has made a pseudo-apology for some aspects relating to how the Iraq War was prepared and conducted. It would appear that he is doing this in anticipation of the Chilcot report and because of the recent leaked memo from Colin Powell which shows Blair had already made up his mind a year before the war started. However, Blair refused to apologise for the concocted intelligence dossiers and the decision to go to war – so not much of an apology at all really. The invasion of Iraq has led to the death of around a million people, around 4 million refugees, the plundering of Iraq by Western corporations, a deep well of bitterness and a shattered society which has become an incubator of Isis extremism.