Open Letter from the U.S. Peace Council To The Peace And Anti-Nuclear Movement


It is in light of these facts (see full text) that we believe we cannot avoid the impending catastrophe without joining forces, with the needed sense of urgency, to demand the following in both words and action:

1. NATO forces must be immediately withdrawn from the countries bordering Russia;

2. All foreign forces must leave Syria immediately, and Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity must be guaranteed.

3. Syrian conflict must be dealt with only through political processes and diplomatic negotiations. The US must withdraw its policy of “Assad must go” as a precondition, and stop blocking diplomatic talks.

4. Negotiations must include the government of Syria especially, as well as all regional and global parties that are affected by the conflict.

5. The future of the Syrian government must be decided by the Syrian people alone, free of all external interferences.

6. The US strategy for global domination must be abandoned in favor of peaceful coexistence of all countries and respect for every nation’s right to self-determination and sovereignty.

7. The process of dismantling NATO must begin immediately.
We call upon all of our friends and comrades in the peace and anti-nuclear movement to join hands with us in a democratic coalition to end all wars of aggression. We wholeheartedly welcome all cooperative responses by our friends and comrades in the movement.

U.S. Peace Council
October 10, 2015

see the full OPEN LETTER here