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10. Oktober 2015

Berlin: 250.000 protest against EU-U.S. trade deal – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

250.000  people took part in Berlin on Saturday in a protest against a planned free trade deal between Europe and the U.S.
The free trade deal, called TTIP is anti-democratic and will lower food safety, labor and environmental standards.
An alliance of environmental groups, charities and opposition parties organized the rally against free trade agreements with both the USA and Canada
The rally was the biggest protest Germany has seen in decades. Police reported that 150,000 people had taken part in the demonstration.

Opposition to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has risen sharply.
The German government was taken by surprise, since it now faces more opposition.

10. Oktober 2015

WikiLeaks Reveals How the US Aggressively Pursued Regime Change in Syria, Igniting a Bloodbath l

The cables gave the public a recent window into the strategies and motivations of US officials as they expressed them to each other, not as they usually expressed them to the public. In the case of Syria, the cables show that regime change had been a long-standing goal of US policy; that the US promoted sectarianism in support of its regime-change policy, thus helping lay the foundation for the sectarian civil war and massive bloodshed that we see in Syria today; that key components of the Bush administration’s regime-change policy remained in place even as the Obama administration moved publicly toward a policy of engagement; and that the US government was much more interested in the Syrian government’s foreign policy, particularly its relationship with Iran, than in human rights inside Syria.

A December 13, 2006 cable, „Influencing the SARG [Syrian government] in the End of 2006,“1 indicates that, as far back as 2006 – five years before „Arab Spring“ protests in Syria – destabilizing the Syrian government was a central motivation of US policy. The author of the cable was William Roebuck, at the time chargé d’affaires at the US embassy in Damascus. The cable outlines strategies for destabilizing the Syrian government.


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