Dr. Tarpley on the Turkey-US-NATO hyper-imperialist decision

Dr. Tarpley expands the cold coup thesis with many relevant details. This Turkey-US-NATO hyper-imperialist decision is not only extremely dangerous–risking a major escalation of military operations both inside AND outside Syria into an all-out regional war involving NATO against the Arc of Resitance, and possibly Russia at some point–but the other purpose for this bit of imperialist skullduggery is an attack against Iran and the recently concluded JCPOA between the P5+1 and Iran.
With all of the above in mind, this $64 question remains at the top of my list: When will the Turkish armed forces senior officer corps make its move, depose megalomaniac Erdogan and his allies from power, and install a soft coup as part of a Turkish national salvation front? As Dr. Tarpley writes: „Erdogan must either be neutralized or ousted.“