„They [Kiew] decided to do it this way, to make it look like we [the rebels] have brought down the plane.” ‚Was there a 2nd plane?‘ MH17 crash site minutes after desaster happened


A four-minute clip posted by the News.com.au is followed by a transcript from a longer 17-minute video, which has not been released. News Corp Australia told RT that they „stand by the transcript, it was taken from the full video, which investigators now have.“

The text cites a rebel commander as saying that „the Sukhoi [fighter jet] brought down the plane and we brought down the Sukhoi.“

Later on, the man is quoted as saying that „there’s two planes taken down,” while a voice in the background says, „the fighter jet brought down this one [MH17 Boeing], and our people brought down the fighter. They [the Ukrainians] decided to do it this way, to make it look like we have brought down the plane.“

According to the transcript, there were also between two and „five parachute jumpers“ who landed at the nearby Grabove village. These included a pilot “roaming about Rassypnoe“ [a nearby village] and a commander ordering his men go and get him immediately.

One of the rebels is also wondering who and why they [the Boeing] was given permission to fly over the warzone.

The four-minute clip shows rebels searching the debris for black boxes and finding one, as well as personal IDs of the passengers, which they then filmed on the camera.

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