Tsipras „sellout“ – Some thoughts

None of the most vehement critics can tell us, in complete honesty, they had access to the most secret and sensitive details of the current round of negotiations between Greece and the Troika, et. al., and the political maneuvering on both sides.
Here some of the realities Tsipras/Syriza are dealing with: FIRST AND FOREMOST, THEY ARE DEALING FROM A POSITION OF WEAKNESS. That is the FUNDAMENTAL REALITY. How Greece got that way is irrelevant and immaterial vis-a-vis what has just happened over the past 10 days and what will happen next.
In such a position, one must, in descending order of importance:
• SURVIVE because the future can always change more to one’s advantage;
• ALWAYS remain in the negotiating ‚game‘;
• play for time, delay;
• make concessions;
• prevaricate;
• be silent; and
• vary and interweave the previous five points, sometimes unpredictably, against one’s adversary.
There is already some indication there is movement by the ENEMY to weaken/soften their position, e.g., Mme. LeGarde took time from her last tanning session to confirm the recent IMF report is true, the Greek debt is unpayable in its current form, it must somehow be restructured. There are others. Go to this link and LISTEN if you want to learn about the fluidity of this crisis:
The Best-Litovsk Treaty
The nascent Soviet state was in an even FAR WORSE position in late 1917 than today’s Greece–by several orders of magnitude WORSE!! ERGO: The Bolshevik’s raison d’être, once the revolution had succeeded initially, was REMAIN IN POWER: ALL OTHER problems were subservient to this fundamental goal.
Dr. Tarpley presents a great analysis and service for those who are willing to understand these fundamental facts of political life, its eternal ebb and flow. Those who care to listen and understand, will learn. Those who do not, will remain ignorant obstacles, and indeed, by their actions, function de facto as ideological allies to the Fascist Bankster Dictatorship.
Dr. Tarpley cites the example of Brest-Litovsk Treaty (B-LT)–a subject I had not visited for decades, but I recalled the Soviets, i.e., Lenin and Trotsky finally agreed to horribly wretched and savage conditions imposed on the infant Soviet Union. WHY?
As you either already know or will hear in this excerpt, Germany’s army, although weakened, remained a formidable military force, whereas by 1918, the Czarist Russian Army was in disarray functioning between a marginally effective and a totally defunct fighting force. Without the B-LT–and its Draconian conditions mandated for the SU–Germany would have likely taken St. Petersberg and Moscow by force, thus making the prospect of unconditional surrender and the collapse of the nascent Soviet Union unavoidable.
One of the historical lessons I draw to your attention is: with the Soviets agreeing to this treaty, they gained invaluable time to build the Soviet Union into a modern nation state in an unbelievably short time. Without the B-LT, the SU faced a total military defeat and Russia’s capitulation and subjugation would have followed.