Important whistleblowers and supporters seem also to be linked to networks opposing the governments of Russia, China, Venezuela and Syria.

Why WeiWei? Why WeiWei now? Why are several of the whistleblowers, who have taken shelter in Berlin joining up with WeiWei and Pussy Riot friends. Recently Jacob Appelbaum and Laura Poitras traveled to Bejing to meet up with Weiwei.

During the filming in Bejing Weiwei even suggested to Appelbaum to call Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London. Appelbaum then really called up Assange in the London embassy of Ecuador and WeiWei talked for the first time with Assange. Some months ago a photograph of Assange and the two Pussy Riot girls was taken in his ecuadorian embassy appartment and posted online After the meeting the Pussy Riot members gave an interview to a TV crew in front of the embassy, stating that Putin lies every minute he speaks.

Now Appelbaum even hooks up Weiwei with Assange. They seem to try to blame China and Russia as much as the U.S. of being surveillance states – Rarely questions are being asked about who uses surveillance for what kind of aggressive foreign policy.

No questions are being asked who is spreading or supporting unrest in HKK, in China, in Russia, in Venezuela. Or who was promoting killing Saddam Hussein, killing Gadaffi, destabilizing Assad, fooling around with ISIS and their friends. For the time being places like Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria most probably decided they need state security, or they will fall prey to a superaggressive, colourrevolutionary foreign policy of G7/NATO states and their military industrial complex.

Without Chinas non-intervention Edward Snowden would have never left Hongkong for Moscow, without Putins’s stance he would have never found refuge in Moscow. And without Latin Americas solidarity Julian Assange would have never been safe in Ecuador’s London embassy for so long.

Never much gratitude for the countries who enabled the whistleblowers to get away from imprisonment and suffering in the first place, but instead attacking the very same countries by supporting their adversaries, like WeiWei or Pussy Riot. With people who want Putin out and oligarch-thugs like Chordokowski in. Or with WeiWei, Falung Gong and others, who want the chinese government to fall.

The Pussy Riot girls Nadezhda (Nadya) Tolokonnikova and Maria (Masha) Alekhina sit on the advisory board of a major whistleblower support foundation, WeiWei receives Ambassador of Conscience Award by Amnesty International in Berlin, supported also by Gabriela Montero who has been nominated by Amnesty International as its first Honorary Consul. Gabriela Montero is supporting the venezuelan opposition against the leftist government of Maduro.

In April of this year Academy Award-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras (Citizenfour) appeared in person to present the George Polk Award to Talal Derki, who directed the „documentary“ Return to Homs, a propaganda film that is displaying the conflict in Syria in the most outrageous manner.


Laura Poitras and the syrian „freedom“ fighters

„winner of the inaugural George Polk Documentary Film Award, an extraordinary, visceral film that dives into the Syrian resistance with a frenzied immediacy, intimately capturing two friend’s haunting battle cry for justice. As a siege takes hold in Homs, friends Basset and Osama gather a circle of brave but inexperienced insurgents, determined to protect the city’s captive civilians and help them get out of the warzone. In a standoff reminiscent of David and Goliath, a handful of stranded amateur fighters hold out against the snipers, tanks, and mortars of the Syrian Army while their city crumbles around them.“

This screening will feature a Q&A with writer-director Talal Derki, moderated by Nancy Buirski. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Laura Poitras (Citizenfour) will appear in person to present the George Polk Award to Talal Derki. April 2015 in Brooklyn New York


Pussy Riot meets Julian Assange

Pussy Riot: Putin must go – Khodorkovsky should replace Putin as president


The Pussy Riot girls Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina sit on the advisory board of a major whistleblower support foundation.


Gabriela Montero has been nominated by Amnesty International as its first Honorary Consul and participated in the WeiWei event in Berlin in May 2015

Gabriela Montero states the following on her blog „Venezuelan Room“:

„I composed „Ex Patria“ because I wanted to create a portrait in sound, an honest musical imprint of life in Venezuela today. For so long now, Venezuelan musicians have been sent out into the world as de facto emissaries of the Venezuelan regime, funded in large part by Venezuelan oil revenues, and adorned in Chavez’s modified flag of the so-called „Bolivarian Revolution“. ….

„Ex Patria“ intends to counter that narrative, to push back against the endlessly-funded Chavista propaganda machine by presenting, in the language of music itself, an honest vision of the corruption, theft, violence and societal breakdown that has left Venezuela a failed state with the highest inflation rate on the planet, one which imprisons its opposition leaders, and cultivates a climate of indiscriminate violence only found in the world’s most brutal war zones. …. But even the right to cry is interrupted, the theme chromatically mangled until a final gun shot concludes the work.!Welcome-to-the-Venezuela-Room/c1ll2/1


Ai Weiwei: „Menschenrechtsverletzungen offen ansprechen!“

re:publica 2015 – Jacob Appelbaum, Ai WeiWei, Laura Poitras: Seven on Seven

Three days in Beijing with three of the world’s most famous dissidents was launched as a joint venture between Univision Communications Inc. and the Disney/ABC Television Network in 2013. Fusion has agreements with several major distributors to carry the cable network including DirecTV, Dish, Cablevision, Charter, Cox, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS and Google Fiber as well as OTT providers including Apple TV.

Organraub in China: Ai Weiwei unterstützt Petition ans Weiße Haus


Jacob Appelbaum on Syria


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