Artikel von der pazifistischen Organisation Waging Nonviolence: Nevada military base targeted in escalating campaign against drone warfare

Auszug aus dem Artikel:

The movement is also international and growing, both in countries targeted by drones and those involved in these attacks. Widespread hatred in Pakistan of the drone program has been consistently reported and has been a recurring political issue in Pakistani elections, spurring the creation of the legal organization Foundation for Fundamental Rights to represent surviving family members of drone strikes. In Yemen, the National Organization for Drone Victims was founded last year by friends and family of victims of drone strikes to advocate for changes in Yemeni government policies and to call upon it to begin investigating drone deaths.
The German Drohnen-Kampagne, or Drone Campaign, sent a message of solidarity to the Shut Down Creech demonstrators and noted that drone operators must route communications through Ramstein Air Base, making Germany complicit in the drone assassination program. The campaign observed that a February 2014 European Parliament resolution demanded that the European Council and the European states “ensure that the Member States, in conformity with their legal obligations, do not perpetrate unlawful targeted killings or facilitate such killings by other states.”
Meanwhile, in Britain, the Royal Air Force base at Waddington became the first control center in Europe for drone warfare in 2013. In response, the Drone Campaign Network has formed to organize public opposition to the British government’s participation in drone flights over Afghanistan.
As anti-drone actions continue across the country at numerous air force bases implicated in the remote-piloted warfare, forging strong international ties among anti-drone activists may ultimately prove essential to changing drone policies in Washington. As Terrell noted, he became active in opposing drone warfare after hearing accounts of drone victims from close friends who had visited Afghanistan and Pakistan, which made “the harm and terror they cause not an abstraction.”