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4. April 2015

Open letter to the delegates of the Congress of the German Left Party – Call For World Peace Conference with Gorbachev

Dear Mikhail S. Gorbachev,

The development of one of the source-parties of our party is linked in its infancy closely with your work of the last 15 years of the last century. As different as the views of fellow members of our party to the events of that time and their personal interaction at that time might have been, it is also unanimous, that we are with you today in believing that the United States of America has driven us into a new Cold War, that – as you are warning could – even become hot, “could become a real war”. We fear, like you, that the US could take such a risk. We see, like you, that the US is willing “to turn the whole world upside down.”

This willingness is also reflected in the statements of the head of Stratfor, George Friedman, made on 4 February 2015. He formulated among other things: “The point about all this is that the USA are ready, to put a ‘cordon sanitaire’ a new security belt build around Russia – and Russia knows that Russia believes that the US intends to destroy the Russian Federation.. I think we do not want to kill them, but they only want to hurt or harm Russia somewhat. Anyway, we are now back at the old game.”

Dear Mikhail S. Gorbachev,

We’re asking you to initiate a world peace conference, so that the international coordination of resistance against these highly dangerous, extremely adventurous policies can finally begin.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is moving ever closer towards Russia. The former Secretary of States James Baker and Hans-Dietrich Genscher had declared, as you have recently highlighted again in the wake of German reunification, that the possibility of any eastward enlargement of NATO would be excluded. Meanwhile, NATO stands in the Baltic States, in Poland, in Romania and in Bulgaria. Symbolically at the end of February, in the Estonian city of Narva a US tank with stars and stripes positioned itself at the border with Russia. In March three thousand NATO soldiers together with 750 tanks and heavy equipment held maneuvers in the Baltics. NATO naval ships were rehearsing in the Black Sea. Bases on Russia’s borders are expanded and new military structures have been created there. The US-dominated NATO operates with increasing aggressiveness. Often they speak about the fears of the people in Poland and in the Baltic states in connection with Russia. But nobody speaks of the fear of the people in Russia in the face of a cordon sanitaire.

We’re asking you, dear Mikhail S. Gorbachev, to move these Russian fears, resulting from history, more into the focus of world attention. And: In the context of the tragic events in Ukraine, the question must be asked: Why is the criticism of Russia’s actions in Crimea much stronger than – if at all – the criticism of the behavior of NATO towards Russia? We know that the brazen behavior of NATO did not start after the controversial incorporation of Crimea into the Russian Federation.

Not only the events relating to the Ukraine are now threatening world peace. At no time since the end of WW2 have there been so many military conflicts and wars as presently, and at no time have there been so many refugees living in dire misery. As varied in detail the reasons for these wars are, so clearly are their main causes: it is all about economic power and profit, sources of raw materials and strategically important spheres of influence. No other power on earth defends their interests so massively and aggressively as does NATO with the United States at its helm. The intelligence services of the U.S. and Britain are actually spying electronically on the whole of humanity.

Please support our demand that there needs to be an end to the practice of the US and NATO, to bomb, to murder by dronewarfare and to deploy troops anywhere in the world where the correlation of forces allow it to serve their imperial interests. There must be an end to the destabilization of entire countries for the purpose of controlling them. Legal standards must no longer be allowed to be set aside by arbitrary interpretations.

Dear Mikhail S. Gorbachev,

Germany sets itself farther and farther away from the principle: from German soil must never again start a war. The statement of the German President Joachim Gauck at the Security Conference 2014 in Munich, that Germany must take on more responsibility, is meant to mean a stronger military commitment. Since then, German military missions abroad have been expanded and more money spent on armaments. The new NATO Secretary General declared that Germany is the second most important power within NATO. Germany is the “leading nation” of the new rapid reaction force of 30,000 NATO soldiers. This rapid reaction force is being deployed in reference to the “danger from Russia” in Eastern Europe. We reject this new role for Germany in world politics.

We therefore urge in our Erfurt Party Program accordingly “the dissolution of NATO and its replacement by a collective security system including Russia, a project which has disarmament as a central goal. Regardless of any decision on the fate of Germany in connection with NATO, the party The Left will demand in any political constellation that Germany will enter in the future, that Germany exits from the military structures of the military alliance and that the German army (Bundeswehr) be extracted from the high command of NATO. ”

Anyone who enters into a camaraderie with the US war policy in so called Atlantikbrücken, and whatever party they belong to: The Left will vigorously fight against these forces. We will fight with all our strength that from German soil no more war will emanate. You can be assured that our party will continue a policy of peace without compromises. War must no longer be the continuation of international policy with specific means. Not even in special cases.


here attached in early June before the party conference

here a new statement on the site of

The initiative „Peace instead of NATO – For World Peace Conference“ now has 1800 supporters.  The initiative has grown far beyond the Left Party. Not only have signed the hundreds of non-party members, also from the peace movement there is a big encouragement.

In addition, the party committee of the Left has decided to include the support of our idea of ​​an international peace conference in the main motion on the Bielefeld Congress. Against this background, we hold a formal vote of our application for the national party of the Left no longer necessary. Instead, we will work together with the peace movement, the Party Executive of the Left, sympathizers of this idea and members of the Left are now working on implementing our initiative for a World Peace Conference and for the project to and will try to further solicit support. For the fall of 2015, we are planning a kick-off conference „Peace instead of NATO“ were we will discuss further strategies.

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