Antifa means air raid – leftwing book presentation in Leipzig attacked by ‘antifa’ activists

Antifa means air raid
A leftwing book presentation in Leipzig was attacked by ‘antifa’ activists earlier this month. We spoke to the main speaker at the meeting, Susann Witt-Stahl

As long-standing Weekly Worker readers will remember, the ‘anti-Germans’ represent something like the historical low point in the long and overwhelmingly sorry saga of anti-fascism.1 Initially formed from a number of scurrilous sects that grew out of the German radical left, the pro-imperialist ‘anti-Germans’ endeavour to “deny the German left the right to exist”, as one of their more striking slogans reads. Whether it is anti-war protests or social struggles, virtually any resistance against the operations of the bourgeoisie faces allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’ from a movement whose understanding of fascism and ‘totalitarianism’ owes more to Hayek’s Road to serfdom than it does to Marxist analysis.

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