Noam Chomsky & Sahra Wagenknecht: Charlie Hebdo massacre was a terror attack — but so is Obama’s drone campaign

German Left party politician Sahra Wagenknecht compares US drone strikes terror of Paris “If controlled by the West drone cancels an innocent Arab or Afghan family, which is an equally despicable crimes such as the terrorist attacks in Paris, and it should fill us with the same concern and the same horror “, Wagenknecht told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. It should not be a double standard there.
“The US drone war about who is out from Germany, has already killed thousands of innocent people and produced in the countries concerned feelings of powerlessness, anger and hatred. In order to prepare the ground for the terror that one wants to officially fight, “argued Wagenknecht.

Noam Chomsky: Charlie Hebdo massacre was a terror attack — but so is Obama’s drone campaign –  Paris attacks show hypocrisy of West’s outrage.
Noam Chomsky writes: „ignored in the „war against terrorism“ is the most extreme terrorist campaign of modern times — Barack Obama’s global assassination campaign targeting people suspected of perhaps intending to harm us some day, and any unfortunates who happen to be nearby. Other unfortunates are also not lacking, such as the 50 civilians reportedly killed in a U.S.-led bombing raid in Syria in December, which was barely reported.“

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