UK Peacemovement: Hit the streets – stop the bombing of Iraq

Shamefully it is almost certain that today MPs will vote for a new assault on Iraq.

After excellent protests yesterday in London and a number of others across the UK, the anti-war movement now needs to move in to overdrive.

The response to our actions and arguments in the last few days shows that while the war propaganda has had an impact, there is a huge anti-war constituency. Thousands have lobbied their MPs for the vote and our website is attracting tens of thousands of visitors a day.

  • Tomorrow, Saturday, we are asking all our groups and supporters to hit the streets in your communities with protests, street stalls, petitioning sessions and placards. We need to make sure the Don’t Bomb Iraq message is visible everywhere.
  • A new petition is available to download. If you are in London placards can be picked up from the office or we can email you the file to print out. Please contact us.
  • If there is a yes vote, we will be calling a national protest next Saturday 4 October. Exact details to be announced in the next 24 hours.
  • In the meantime please share and tweet some of the key articles and interviews from the website. – ten reasons (more below)

The latest on Iraq and Syria from the Stop the War web site:

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