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24. September 2014

[] Israel schießt syrisches Kampfflugzeug an der Grenze ab

Israel sagte, dass das Flugzeug die Grenze zu dem von ihm besetzten Teil des Golan überflogen hat und abgeschossen wurde. Syrien verurteilte den Angriff als einen Akt der Aggression, während der israelische Verteidigungsminister Moshe Ya’alon Syrien beschuldigte, Israels Souveränität verletzt aben.

24. September 2014

Guardian ll RAF’s Reaper squadron could operate against jihadists in the Middle East

….Reprieve’s legal director, Kat Craig, said: „It is bad enough that the UK already supports the CIA’s secret, illegal drone campaign but there is now a real risk that Britain will follow the US down the slippery slope to an endless, global war without limits and without accountability. The public must be allowed to know when and where our government sends armed drones to carry out deadly strikes – if the government resists this, it will strike at the heart of our democratic traditions.“

24. September 2014

UNAC’s recent statement on the situation in Iraq and Syria ll Stop Obama’s New War on Iraq and Syria

In his speech on September 10, President Obama brought back the same old failed strategy of military action to control the Iraq and Syrian regions of the Middle East.   Coming out of the NATO summit in Wales last week, Obama was able to put together a new coalition of countries to wage war against the people of Iraq and Syria.  He has initiated a bombing campaign in Iraq and says he will pursue IS (ISIS/ISIL) anywhere, including Syria.

The U.S. government always comes up with a pretext to justify its aggression towards other countries.  In Iraq, it has been Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, imagined weapons of mass destruction, and now The Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL).  Make no mistake: the U.S. bottom line has always been to “protect American interests,” read “control the energy resources and ensure profit for U.S. corporations.”  No U.S. military intervention has ever improved the lives of the people in those countries.  In fact, the total opposite has occurred.

It is U.S. policies that have led to secular states in Iraq and Syria becoming chaotic, sectarian, failed states that have brought terrible living conditions to the people of those countries.  The U.S. has been attacking Iraq for decades, starting with its support for the 1980-88 Iraq/Iran war, which killed over a million soldiers from the two countries.  In 1990, the U.S. launched the Gulf war against Iraq, followed by the imposition of sanctions that killed 1.5 million Iraqis and half a million Iraqi children.  The “Shock and Awe” war started by the U.S. with the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003 never ended. Through these actions, the U.S. has helped foster sectarian division in Iraq that allowed for the present situation, where the country is deeply divided between Kurds and Arabs and Sunni and Shia populations.  In such a situation, the U.S. is better able to fund and militarily support one faction over the others for the price of doing the bidding of U.S. imperialism.  In Iraq, a succession of U.S. supported Shia regimes brought misery to the Iraqi people, especially the Sunni population.  So when IS starting taking territory from the Iraqi puppet government, disenfranchised populations were quick to support them as the lesser evil to the U.S. and its puppet al-Maliki government.

Before the U.S. invaded in 2003, al-Qaeda had few supporters in Iraq.  But U.S. military aggression in the region, support of sectarian division and support for Al-Qaeda like groups by U.S. allies like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been key to creating the situation that exists today in the region.

The U.S. is the enemy of the people of Iraq; it cannot be part of the solution in that country.  It is the problem.  One year ago Obama announced that he was going to bomb Syria.  There was such an outcry against this act of aggression that Obama had to go on TV and back off from his plan.  But his plans to intervene against the Assad regime and replace it with a sectarian puppet government have never changed.  So today, Obama is using the backdoor method of attacking IS in Iraq and pursuing them in Syria as a way to carry out his plans from a year ago.

Obama says that he will get Saudi Arabia to train “moderate” Syrian rebels to continue his effort to overthrow the Assad government.  But it is Saudi Arabia and wealthy Saudis that has been the funding and arms source for IS and other groups like al-Qaeda.  Since the “rebels” have been so discredited in Syria, the only way Obama’s plan can work is if there is outside intervention with boots on the ground.  As in Libya, this may mean foreign mercenaries in large numbers.  The role of the U.S. coalition partners in this process is something that antiwar forces must pay attention to.  A little at a time, Obama seems to be introducing more U.S. ground forces as well.

Although the U.S. is now using IS as justification for intervention in both Iraq and Syria, the U.S. has indirectly supported IS when it was fighting Assad in Syria.  The U.S. had admitted to giving non-lethal aid to Syrian rebel groups that made its into the hands of IS in Syria, and there has been evidence that the U.S. has trained fighters in Jordan that later joined IS.  But the main way that the U.S. has built IS and al-Qaeda is through its military actions in Muslim countries throughout the area.  These interventions have helped the U.S. steal resources such as oil and have caused death and destruction throughout the region.  It is anger due to these policies that has led to the growth of IS and other groups.

UNAC calls upon all antiwar and social justice organizations to start protesting the new Iraq/Syria war by building demonstrations, press conferences, teach-ins, petition campaigns and other actions.  UNAC is talking to other antiwar groups and hopes to be able to call for more coordinated actions soon.

Stop the Bombing!

Bring all the Troops home now!

No New Wars on Iraq and Syria!

Self-determination for the people of Iraq and Syria!

24. September 2014

ANSWER Coalition statement on the U.S. bombing of Syria

The ANSWER Coalition is calling for demonstrations to oppose the bombing of Syria and Iraq from September 23 through September 28

The U.S. bombing of Syria has begun.

We in the ANSWER Coalition oppose this war and are calling for demonstrations to oppose the bombing of Syria and Iraq from September 23 through September 28. This war, like the earlier ones, is being sold on the basis of misinformation and fear. The United States is a major part of the problem and cannot be the solution to the current crisis in Syria and Iraq.

This new aggression is loaded with irony. The Pentagon spokesperson says that the bombing is directed against the self-named Islamic State (ISIS) forces that have gained control over large swaths of Syria and Iraq. But it was precisely the arms transfers and funding of ISIS by the U.S. government’s principal allies in the region, especially Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, that have allowed the Islamic state to grow strong in its struggle to topple the secular Syrian government led by Bashar Al-Assad.

We, in the U.S. anti-war movement, are exposing the fundamental truth that the Obama administration conceals from the people: The so-called Islamic State or ISIS wouldn’t exist today as a major force either in Syria or Iraq if it wasn’t for the U.S. military aggression that smashed the secular, nationalist governments in Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011, followed by the U.S. government’s catastrophic support for the armed opposition against the similarly organized government in Syria.

The U.S. bombing of Syrian territory is taking place without the consent of the Syrian government. It is one more U.S. violation of international law and Syrian sovereignty. The Syrian government had offered to cooperate with the United States in a joint military struggle against the reactionary forces of ISIS. That offer has, however, been immediately and categorically rejected by all in the U.S. ruling class political circles who have already announced that the Syrian government must be destroyed. Obama and the Pentagon and the CIA and, last and least, the bribed and corrupted talking heads in Congress are determined to use the attack against the Islamic State as a pretext to carry out regime change in Syria by military means even though the Syrian government has been the most effective military force in struggling against the so-called Islamic State.

The real objectives of U.S. imperialism are to locate permanent Pentagon military bases in Iraq, Syria and the entire resource-rich region of the Middle East. This is the goal: the projection of permanent imperial power and domination in a region that contains two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves.

For the past 24 years, the United States has relentlessly bombed Iraq and now it is bombing Syria. Neither Iraq nor Syria has ever attacked the United States or its people. This enduring war against previously colonized peoples is justified with shifting and changing rationales. But it is illegal. It is an expression of modern-day imperialism. It is causing chaos and destruction in the targeted countries. And ultimately it will fail to satisfy its objectives because it is based on the fantasies of those who have become drunk on that now-familiar toxic combination of unbridled arrogance and military power.

The majority of people of the United States oppose this endless war in Iraq and now Syria. It is not in their interest. At any moment this or that poll will announce that the American people favor military action of some sort. This is paper-thin propaganda. If the country and its people were actually threatened, the Commander in Chief would not have to go on national TV and promise the people that this war will involve “no boots on the ground.” There is no clearer indication that the motivation for the new imperial war is not just flimsy but false.

Demonstrations will be taking place nationwide to oppose the bombing of Syria and Iraq from September 23 through September 28. A list of demonstrations will be available soon at Please send in details of planned demonstrations to

24. September 2014

msnbc ll Anti-war protests sprout up across the US – David Swanson

frei01 Sep. 06

Anti-war protests sprung up across the U.S., as American and Arab partners began airstrikes in Syria. Ed Schultz and activist David Swanson discuss.

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