Berlin Calling ll American Voice Abroad

It’s very clear what’s going on. What stopped the US from going into Syria was ultimately the fact that primarily Russia as well as China would not stand for it. Now that things were both catalyzed – essentially US’s 23rd post war coup d’etat – and brought to a head in Ukraine by the Americans, as it went with Cold War theater confrontation in the past, the US wants to confront Russia in Syria and is doing it under the guise of going into Syria to get ISIS because, as our Hawkish leader says, „we will hunt down terrorists anywhere that threaten our country.“ I’m not sure what direct, or even an indirect, threat ISIS represents to the US – maybe Kurdish oil wells we want to control – but I’m sure they’re not saying good things about us charming foreign invaders. As usual, the clueless Americans fall for this crap, and ultimately the military contractor lobbyists figure any war, whether in Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, or now Syria is good for them, not to mention a new Cold War which will renew vast expenditures for NATO. They’re just counting the blood money in mounds while multitudes die, their fellow citizens‘ treasure is sapped and decimated, and those same people are made morally schizoid and destitute in the name of militarization and profits. Think the end of the Roman empire; eerily similar and having unravelled in the same way !

You have to think how incredibly stupid and dangerous our foreign policy is and looks to the rest of the world. As we all know, a stupid psychopath with a gun is far more dangerous than a smart one. This confrontational stance by the US at the ultimate behest of the machinations of the military/industrial complex may very quickly bring us pointlessly into WWIII. Think of Russia’s arsenal of short range tactical nuclear weapons as means of escalation which they’ve said for the past three decades they’d use if NATO troops came on their territory, qua Ukraine and perhaps Syria as Assad is a clear Russian ally. All of this along with the total financial annihilation that is rapidly coming down the line, the reality of which is also being skewed and covered up by the voraciously self-destructive power elites ! They can realize their life was worth $50 million mansions and oligarchic power as everything fizzles to ash around them. That’s fulfillment… !
Bon Appetit, K
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