Thoughts on the „ceasefire“ in Ukraine

a friend did sent this comment:
Everyone stop worrying–the „ceasefire“ is just another Putin chess move, too many details for now. Moreover, Kiev is not and will never abide by it no matter if PornoShenko or his Right Sector successor is in power–yes, another likely CIA-led Putsch is in the works if this „ceasefire“ ploy is ineffective cover for renewed ops or a false flag op. There is reduced but ongoing and scattered fighting all over the DNR. The NAF will not let its guard down for one second.
Further, I recommend everyone immediately learn about the North Vietnam, their negotiating position with the US, and one of the cleverest negotiating opponents the USA ever met: Le Duc Tho. Result: Less than two years after signing the Paris „Peace“ Accords, Vietnam was a united country. And Le duc Tho told the Nobel „Peace Prize“ committee to shove it.
All of this means heightened vigilance for a major false flag/Provocation event centering on Ukraine. All the current hysteria–on both sides–about NATO, a 10k rapid reaction force, etc., is for public consumption and the NATO-narrative. It has nothing to do with military realities on the ground.
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