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10. April 2014

War for Dummies – warisacrime

Have you always wanted solid proof that only idiots want more wars? Here it is !

Need the facts to correct lies about the bombing of Yugoslavia 15 years ago? Here you go !

Want to correct myths about Rwanda as that tragedy marks 20 years? Now you can .

Want to always be able to find out where events are planned for peace? No problem .

Want free access to all the great shows on Talk Nation Radio? You got it .

Need to catch up on what’s happening in Ukraine? We all should .

Or check out how the movment against weaponized and surveillance drones is progressing .

All of these services will STOP if you can’t help fund them. Peace has no big donors. Only people can fund or or Talk Nation Radio.  You can make a one-time or recurring contribution to all of these efforts by clicking here .

Or you can fund here .

Peace to all. Even dummies .

David Swanson

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