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9. Februar 2014

Regimechange Ukraine – Victoria Nuland – the US Assistant Secretary of State

Victoria Nuland – the US Assistant Secretary of State – was caught using obscene language in a phone call about the European Union and the political affairs of Ukraine. In her previous posting as a spokeswoman for the US State Department, Nuland had the demeanor of a robotic matron with a swivel eye.

Now in her new role of covertly rallying anti-government protesters in Ukraine, Nuland has emerged to sound like a bubblegum-chewing Mafia doll. In her leaked private conversation with the US ambassador to Kiev, the American female diplomat is heard laying down in imperious tones how a new government in Ukraine should be constituted. Nuland talks about „gluing together“ a sovereign country as if it is a mere plaything, and she stipulates which members of the US-backed street rabble in Kiev should or should not be included in any Washington-approved new government in the former Soviet republic.

We don’t know who actually tapped and leaked Nuland’s private call to the US ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt. It could have been the Ukrainian or Russian secret services, but, regardless, it was an inspired move to reveal it. For the disclosure, which has been posted on the internet, lays bare the subversive meddling agenda of Washington in Ukrainian internal affairs. Up to now, the Americans have been piously pretending that their involvement is one of a bystander supporting democracy from afar.

But, thanks to the Nuland’s foul-mouthed indiscretion, the truth is out. Washington, from her own admission, is acting like an agent provocateur in Ukraine’s political turmoil. That is an illegal breach of international rules of sovereignty. Nuland finishes her phone call like a gangster ordering a hit on a rival, referring to incompetent European interference in Ukraine with disdain – „F…k the EU.“
What we are witnessing here is the real, ugly face of American government and its uncouth contempt for international law and norms.

9. Februar 2014

Russian U.N. Ambassador Churkin expects Pussy Riot to perform at National Cathedral in Washington, St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, Mecca in Saudi Arabia and at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

When asked about U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power recent meeting with the Pussy Riot members, Russian U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin responded: „Has Samantha Power not joined the band?“

„I would expect U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power to invite Pussy Riot to perform at the National Cathedral in Washington,“ he said. „Maybe they could arrange a world tour for them, you know.“

„St Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, then maybe in Mecca in Saudi Arabia, ending up with a gala concert at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. So if Ambassador Power fell short I would be disappointed,“ Churkin said.

9. Februar 2014

James Bamford Says NSA „Exploiting“ U.S. Citizens

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