[Financial Times] Ukraine crisis planned as campaign to ultimately destabilize Russia

‘Ukraine faces moment of truth’ editorial in today’s Financial Time. Headlined ‘Ukraine faces moment of truth’, the editorial begins by saying that the Ukraine crisis is “now entering a decisive phase.” “Yanukovich is today a spent force,” it argues, and in order to ward off a possible hard-line response from his government, “Washington and Brussels should draw up a list of visa and financial sanctions that would be imposed on top Ukrainian figures if such brutality were shown… Second, the west must be prepared to give immediate financial assistance to Ukraine if a new government comes to power that seeks to renew ties with the EU,” and they then laughably add that the IMF “should be prepared to inject several billion dollars into Ukraine’s economy to stabilize the country’s financial position immediately.” Then the Financial Times editorial states that “a military response form the Kremlin is inconceivable,” and then gets to the punch-line: “If Ukrainians push the man in Kiev out of power, Russians might wonder why they should not do the same to the man in the Kremlin.”


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