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17. Januar 2014

How the Washington Post is Backed by the CIA | Interview with Norman Solomon

17. Januar 2014

[RT] Giant 3D printer could build homes in under a day

Scientists in California say new technology will soon allow massive 3D printers to build entire multi-level houses in under a day.

University of Southern California Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis has for years been working on a building printing technology called “contour crafting,” and has earned accolades from the likes of the National Inventors Hall of Fame and even NASA for his efforts. Soon, he says, he’ll be able to use that system to create entire structures out of concrete using what is essentially a gigantic 3D printer.

Just as basic hobbyist models let designers create three-dimensional objects from bottom to top, Khoshnevis says contour crafting is working on bringing that technology to the realm of urban construction.

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