Italian President Napolitano Warns of Violent Unrest in 2014

Italian President Napolitano Warns of Violent Unrest in 2014 – “The crisis affecting the euro zone has put a strain on social cohesion. The most detailed forecasts for 2014 indicate a risk of widespread social tension and unrest: a risk that must been kept in mind and confronted in Italy,” Napolitano said during an address at his presidential palace in Rome, adding that citizens “could get involved in haphazard and even violent protests, in an extreme and unfruitful surge of total opposition to politics and institutions”.
anti-EU sentiment prevalent amongst Italians that riot police sent to harass protesters in some cities are removing their helmets and joining with the demonstrators.

The country has been rocked with a prolonged “pitchfork” (Forconi) revolt over fuel prices, globalization, soaring unemployment, and the European Union’s draconian austerity measures, with a diverse group of Italians, from farmers to students, coming together under one umbrella.