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15. Dezember 2013

Ban Weaponized Drones! – Statement by the European Section Global Anti-Drone Network

Statement by the European Section
Global Anti-Drone Network
Berlin, December 12, 2013

Ban Weaponized Drones!

We oppose the use of drone technology for killing, surveillance and repression.

We oppose weaponized and surveillance drones because their deployment lowers the threshold to armed aggression, is used for “targeted” killing of people within and outside warzones  – without indictment, trial and conviction, terrorizes the population of the targeted territories, fuels hatred, thereby increasing the cycle of violence, leads to the development of autonomous kille robots, thereby making even more horrifying wars likely, initiates a new round in the arms race.

We demand that all governments cease the production and acquisition of armed drones, as well as their research and development, and work towards a worldwide ban of these weapons.

15. Dezember 2013

Omidyar’s PayPal Corporation Said To Be Implicated in Withheld NSA Documents – By Sibel Edmonds

Omidyar’s PayPal Corporation Said To Be Implicated in Withheld NSA Documents
By Sibel Edmonds

We all should be alarmed when we see that those implicated in the whistleblower’s documented evidence are now forming a multi-million dollar business venture with those in possession of that evidence.  We all must question the unexplained changes in the U.S. government’s position on the ownership and publication of these documents. We must all be wary when we see how readily mainstream publishers and Hollywood studios are signing up to publicize these documents and the case with some unexplained immunity. We have to ask ourselves: what has changed? What gives? Only a few months ago there was all this talks about apprehension, jailing, hanging and droning of all parties involved. Only a few months ago the parties involved put on a magnificent show on how they were threatened, endangered, and were going to be persecuted and prosecuted. Then, suddenly, something changed. Something gave. Was it a secret deal struck between the government and the involved parties establishing immunity and support in return for something much more cynical and dark? Was it the involved parties using the cache as a blackmailing tool to secure a $250 million payoff?  Was it a solemn oath to withhold and never release the ‘real’ deal in return for a glamorous life with Hollywood studio deals and multi-million dollar book contracts?

Which one is it? We have no way of knowing, since lips seem to have been sealed, and the release of the ‘real’ documents has been vaguely put on hold for years to come. On the other hand, thanks to some ‘real’ whistleblowers out there, we are getting some information putting this smoke and mirrors filled stage into perspective. Even if so far we have gotten to see only the tip of this convoluted and corrupted iceberg.
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15. Dezember 2013

NSA, NSU, Org. Gehlen, Gladio, Stay Behind, EuroGendFor, Guantánamo, Afghanistan: Ukrainer, EU und NATO besser als Russland?

Russlands Schwarzmeerflotte an der ukrainischen Küste muss dank Janukowitsch nicht bis 2017 das Land verlassen: Westler verzeihen ihm nie!

NSA, NSU, BND, Gladio, Stay Behind, EuroGendFor, Lissabon-Vertrag, Guantánamo, Afghanistan: Liebe Ukrainer, EU und NATO besser als Russland?

Die nicht demokratisch gewählte „Außenbeauftragte“ Lady Ashton in Kiew: sie will „vermitteln“. Westerwelle nebst KAS-gefördertem Witali Klitschko, McCain-Besuch: EU/NATO-Interessen..

RT: „Erster Sender überhaupt“ mit „mehr als einer Milliarde Zuschauern“ auf YouTube! (vgl. Tagesspiegel, 8.12.2013)

Einwohner Washingtons sehen zehnmal mehr RT als Deutsche Welle (Tagesspiegel, 8.12.), Julian Assange hat eigene Sendung auf RT

RT erhielt Emmy-Nominierung für ausführliche Berichterstattung über Occupy Wallstreet Proteste (vgl. Tagesspiegel, 8.12.13)

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