[Guardian] MPs‘ questions to Alan Rusbridger: do you love this country?

MPs‘ questions to Alan Rusbridger: do you love this country? –Key extracts from the Guardian editor’s appearance before the home affairs select committee over the impact of NSA leaks 04 Dec 2013 Committee chair, Keith Vaz: You and I were both born outside this country, but I love this country. Do you love this country? … Conservative MP Michael Ellis: Mr Rusbridger, you authorised files stolen by [National Security Agency contractor Edward] Snowden which contained the names of intelligence staff to be communicated elsewhere. Yes or no? Rusbridger: Well I think I’ve already dealt with that. … Ellis: Do you accept that that is a criminal offence under section 58(a) of the Terrorism Act, 2000? … Mark Reckless: I think you have committed a criminal offence in your response. Do you think that it would not be in the public interest for the CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] to prosecute or should it be dealt with by the authorities in the normal way?

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