Texas Newspaper reports about troops at Fort Hood, Texas receiving “riot control” training involving civilians

Soldiers whose training has always revolved around enemies in foreign combat zones, is now focused on US-civilians. Troops underwent “crowd and riot control” training at Fort Hood’s  urban training site last week.

The exercises, which were originally reported by the local news and painted in a very positive light, also involved the use of “role players.” The report states the potential uses for the crowd control training ranges from “peaceful protestors to full on riots,” and also includes how to deal with natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina.

In an obvious attempt to normalize the training, and prevent the public from panicking, the paper’s report quoted military personnel as basically loving the new exercises.

“I always like trying new things,” said team leader Sgt. Tyler Holt. “All the guys seem to enjoy the fun training. It’s also team-building.”

Soldiers reportedly learned unifying formations, verbal and hand signals, and chants including “Get Back”– which is meant to be spoken while soldiers step their feet towards the crowd in an intimidating fashion.

A platoon sergeant says the learned actions send a “clear, concise message that’s not demeaning or harmful to the crowd.”

His statement to the paper defending the training is to be expected, however, we know that the training is not meant to help soldiers deal with civil unrest peacefully, but in a police state-like manner meant to suppress, injure, arrest and potentially kill peaceful protestors.

Inside military sources have repeatedly confirmed the military is planning and training for civil unrest. The federalization of the police force is one of the best indicators of this.

Police departments all over the nation, even tiny rural communities, are receiving robust, intimidating military equipment designed to be used against civilians for next to nothing in costs.

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