Refugees stage dramatic hungerstrike in front of Berlin landmark

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The protest of the refugees at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin takes a dramatical development.
After several days participating in a hunger strike their health is in very bad shape , but they want to continue their protest.
Since the start of the protests on the Pariser Platz in the Mitte district on last Wednesday medics have taken refugges 34 times to hospitals,  as a fire department spokesman explained.

On Wednesday, a total of ten very weak refugees had to be admitted to hospitals. The condition of four asylum seekers had already deteriorated so much that paramedics took them to a hospital , a spokesman for the fire brigade said.

Cold and wet weather conditions drain on the forces. The refugees are sitting in the center the square in front of Berlin’s landmark Brandenburg Gate for about a week now, demanding that their asylum applications are recognized. The also hope that their concerns will be heard by the federal government of Germany.

The group of about 30 refugees had arrived a little over a week ago from Bavaria in Berlin before moving to the quare in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Some of them say that they are waiting already for several years for asylum granted to them in Germany .

In the meanwhile there have been also reports of german police having stopped other asylum seekers on their way to the protest in Berlin.

Police stopped on Thursday in the south of Germany a bus with 35 supporters on its way the refugee protest in Berlin.  Most of the asylum seekers are staying in Wurzburg, Aschaffenburg and Muennerstadt near Bad Kissingen.

Since the refugees are by rule not allowed not leave their place „reidency“ more than 40 kms, the police brought them back to Würzburg. Against two other refugees from Munich and Hesse complaint swas filed because they had already had violated the so-called compulsory residence in the past .

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