Bradley Manning: The Verdict is In

The verdict is in: While Bradley Manning was not found guilty of aiding the enemy, he has been found guilty of 19 charges. This verdict is a blight on the history of America and the legacy of Obama’s presidency, which has prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other administration in the history of the US. Help us spread the word by sharing this image (pictured to the right).

Heroic whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg said, „Not since the leaking of the Pentagon Papers have the inner workings of war been exposed to the public in such an explosive fashion as with the WikiLeaks‘ revelations of US military ventures abroad. I admire the courage of Bradley Manning for sacrificing himself to make the public aware of the futility of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.“

But it’s not too late to help Bradley. Find out what is happening in your community or plan your own event. Major General Buchanan still has the ability to reduce Manning’s sentence. Email himand/or call him (202-685-2900) now to say Manning should only be sentenced to time served. Then spread the word by sharing this image. Manning’s lawyer says our support means a lot to Bradley. We can’t give up now!

Onwards to peace,

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