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13. Juli 2013

Journalists, artists, academics support Edward Snowden

Numerous journalists, artists and academicsspeak out publicly in defense of Edward Snowden, who has performed an immense service by exposing the vast criminal enterprise that is the National Security Agency and the US military-intelligence apparatus.

Snowden, who as of this writing remains trapped at Moscow’s international airport, faces an unprecedented campaign of vilification and persecution at the hands of the American authorities, their servants in the media, as well as the governments and intelligence services of all the major powers.

We will post the comments over several days. We encourage others to send in statements and join this campaign.

Edward Snowden is an heroic figure: an inspiration in the rapacious, so-called post-modern world. What should be understood is that Snowden’s revelations are not about privacy, not about civil liberties, not even about mass surveillance. They are yet another reminder of the unmentionable: that the United States is a totalitarian state whose “democratic” facades barely conceal dangers historically identified with fascism.

John Pilger, author, journalist, filmmaker

Occasionally you run into a situation that just isn’t that complicated.

To support the hounding of Edward Snowden is to support government by secrecy, to support the attacks on the basic rights and freedoms that every human being deserves.

To attempt to support him by an appeal to Democrats or Republicans is to ask the very forces who are spying on private communications in the US and internationally to defend us against … themselves!

Sometimes there is a duty to speak out, and this is one of those times. I support Edward Snowden. I salute his courage and integrity. I believe it is either knavery or foolishness to believe that he can be defended except by organized action of the masses of people.

And he deserves to be defended.

Steven Brust, author

Several decades ago, Daniel Ellsberg was able to expose the dark history of the Vietnam War without any form of repercussion. Today, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden face persecution by a U.S. government that chooses to go after those who reveal injustice rather than the actual perpetrators.

Why are the pilots of a U.S. helicopter that gunned down innocent civilians not being charged with war crimes, nor those breaking the Constitution? Snowden deserves protection on all levels and Manning should be a more worthy candidate for the Nobel Peace Price than his appalling predecessor.

Tony Williams, author, film historian, professor at Southern Illinois University

The persecution of Edward Snowden is a piece with an overall strategy by the three branches of government to eviscerate the Constitutional rights of American citizens. Snowden’s revelations are particularly important because they demonstrate how directly the government is willing to go to monitor the activities of its citizens. The means that the government has employed to try to capture Snowden demonstrate the lies of the so-called “war on terror”. As the mouthpiece of international corporations, the American government is continuing its assault on workers’ rights. Edward Snowden’s courage is a wake-up call to anyone who still regards the present administration with any benevolence.

The actions of whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden are critical so that the people can view the actual steps that the state has marshaled in its repressive efforts. Coming around the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, these actions are a clear example how the American government has degenerated from its popular mandate. American workers feel betrayed.

The role of the artist is to shine a light on how governmental surveillance is only one manifestation of the erosion of quality of life in the United States. As workers become more militant, the government will call on more and more repressive measures. Every time that the government can claim legitimacy for these programs is a harbinger of more totalitarian practices. Artists and writers must use their voices to ring the bell of freedom. Edward Snowden must be able to proceed unrestrained from harassment of all types.

Kenny Crucial, music critic

What was it Snowden said? Being called a traitor by Dick Cheney is the highest honor an American can achieve?

I think we should put that on the flag.

Nick Baam, author

In my youth, my definition of patriotism was Carl Schurz’s: “My country, right or wrong; if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.” This was a time when “America: Love it or leave it” was a popular slogan with people who did not understand that if you love something, you stay and set it right. Daniel Ellsberg understood that. When he shared the Pentagon Papers, he became one of my first heroes. That list of heroes now extends through Bradley Manning to Edward Snowden.

The saying, “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance” has long been popular with Americans. Edward Snowden is the latest to step up and join the ranks of the eternally vigilant. Every lover of liberty is grateful to him, and must ask what is loved by those who hound him now.

Will Shetterly, author

Edward Snowden has performed a public service in helping alert us all to the full extent of U.S. government surveillance on both its own citizens and foreigners. His persecution is another of the alarming examples of the U.S. government attempting to criminalize whistleblowing and leaking of information to the media. Snowden, like Bradley Manning, is being demonized by the Obama administration and other politicians and alleged journalists for doing what Daniel Ellsberg did in making public the Pentagon Papers. That action made Ellsberg a hero to those who believe in historical transparency; we learned a great deal about our government’s malfeasance in Southeast Asia from what he revealed. We have gained similar benefits from Manning’s revelations about our more recent war crimes, and he may be imprisoned for life for his public service. Julian Assange is a political prisoner as well for his role in working with Manning to report this news.

Even some in the media have been calling for criminal prosecution of journalist Glenn Greenwald for obtaining information from Snowden. Snowden is on the run—as is the honorable tradition of investigative journalism, which some of us still try to practice in this country. The Snowden episode, still unfolding, demonstrates that the Obama administration is hardly different from the Bush regime in its disregard for civil liberties and its determination to pry into the lives and communications of millions of Americans and foreigners. This is outrageous to anyone who still believes in the right to privacy and in the Constitution.

These words attributed to Benjamin Franklin should be in the forefront of our consciousness: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Joseph McBride, journalist and author

Revealing the truth is fundamental to understanding and discussing any issue. History, and history as it is being made, can only be interpreted with full knowledge. Edward Snowden has courageously put forth the part of the truth as he discovered it. Now he cannot claim his constitutional rights to a fair trial or even fair treatment, with the example before him of the delay and persecution of Bradley Manning. For our government to go to the lengths it has gone imprisoning and harassing Private Manning has demonstrated its total abandonment of Constitutional protection for US citizens.

Unterstützung – support for Edward Snowden & Bradley Manning!
#StopWatchingUs #Berlin: We are ALL Edward Snowden & Bradley Manning! – Proteste gegen PRISM und TEMPORA –
#StopWatchingUs #iambradleymanning ? #FreeSnowden
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13. Juli 2013

Whistle Blowers – Poem by Farah Notash

poem by Farah Notash
Vienna July 2013

Men of tomorrow
Believing the change
Brave as sunrise
Moved by the rage

Spying on people …spying on states
Crime in their sights
As they believe
For all…human rights

Rebellious motto
Is revelation
Whistle Blowers
And their huge selection

Edward Snowden
So pure in face
World wide support …is the least
For hero’s grace

Spying regime
Honorless regime
Mass murderer
The USA regime

Bradley Manning …for human love
Has bitter time in chain
Heavily tortured
Driven the USA insane

Opening the door
Brave Ecuador
Giving patronage
To the world’s Julian Assange

Latino leaders
In Bolivia… Venezuela…and Nicaragua
With warm supports …Know the USA
As Castro and Che Guevara

Two sides of the coin
World’s love … for whistle blowers
And hatred for the USA
Mass murderer…giving spying orders

13. Juli 2013

11 ‚Leakers‘ Charged With Espionage –

11 ‚Leakers‘ Charged With Espionage – What Sets Edward Snowden Apart From Other Alleged Leakers?

13. Juli 2013

NSA – Google, Microsoft & Co.: Es widers

NSA – Google, Microsoft & Co.: Es widerstrebt der freiheitsliebenden Kultur des Silicon Valley, sich vor den Karren der Regierung spannen zu lassen. Aber die Zusammenarbeit war und ist trotzdem gewaltig, kommentiert Roland Lindner.

13. Juli 2013

Presseerklärung Außenministerium Ecuadors: Verweigerung der Überfluggenehmigung für Flugzeug von Boliviens Präsident Evo Morales

Die vom Ministerium für Äußere Angelegenheiten und Menschliche Mobilität von Ecuador herausgegebene Presseerklärung, in welcher die Haltung der staatlichen Stellen Frankreichs, Spaniens, Italiens und Portugals zurückgewiesen wird, welche die Überfluggenehmigungen für das Flugzeug des Präsidenten von Bolivien, Evo Morales, und seiner Delegation auf seiner Rückreise aus der Russischen Föderation in den Plurinationalen Staat Bolivien zurückgezogen hatten.

Erklärung hier:

13. Juli 2013

[der freitag] Zerstört Prism, Tempora, I

[der freitag]
Zerstört Prism, Tempora, Indect! – 27.07.13
Und wenn wir uns am 27. Juli 2013 auf der Strasse sehen, bedenkt, dass es nicht bei diesem Tag bleiben darf, wenn ihr es wirlich ernst meint, mit der Verteidigung der Freiheit und erinnert Euch an diesen Ausspruch von Albert Camus: “Der einzige Weg, mit einer unfreien Welt umzugehen, ist, selbst so absolut frei zu werden, dass allein Deine Existenz ein Akt der Rebellion ist.”

13. Juli 2013

[antikriegTV] Demo in New York: Hände we

Demo in New York: Hände weg von Syrien – Breites US-Bündnis fordert Ende der Kriege
Demo am Mittwoch, den 10. Juli – Teil nationaler Aktionstage

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