Uranium Film Festival takes place in Berlin

Originally initiated in Rio de Janeiro in 2011 the Uranium Film Festival traveled to Berlin, Germanyto build on its success in Brazil. From the 4th to the 12th of October the two cinemas Eiszeit andMoviemento situated in Berlin-Kreuzberg were showcasing the comprehensive program of the filmfestival. An extensive number of documentaries, animation-, short-films and motion pictures werecovering the whole nuclear cycle, from uranium mining to civilian and military use [Link!?]. Many ofthe producers and directors from all over the world were present to engage in discussions with theaudience. In both cinema premises a short exhibition on the DU issue was dispelled, together withother relevant material.

On the 7th of October a special emphasis was put on the use of depleted uranium in weapon systems.
Representatives from ICBUW Germany and other organizations as well as filmmakers and journalists
were raising awareness and discussing the latest developments on the topic. The diverse audience
let to a wide-ranging debate which focused, among other things, on prospects of making civil society
engagement to become effective in banning DU weapons.
Overall the festival was a great success and the festival team hopes to return to Berlin next year with
a new program, and activities to be coordinated with German anti-DU and anti-nuclear activists.
Meanwhile, the Uranium Film Festival is poised to continue traveling to other countries before
returning to Rio de Janeiro in May 2013.